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y our mother-in-law might not have put the kibosh on your fancy-dress ball, but buddying up to her has proven to be anything but magical. Thanks to some not-so-nice Hollywood monikers (‘Monster-in-Law’ anyone?), the Difficult Mother-in-Law cliché has been a tuff social construct to shake. If you do find yourself between a mom and a hard place, consider the following suggestions for constructing an a
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Posted by Cayla Capri
b efore rubbing elbows in the realm of the in-laws, polish up your frame of mind with a little positivity. There’s no need to spend your first encounter shakin’ in your boots – think of these two people as a pair of harmless, sweet-loving folks eagerly a-waiting the day they can call you one of their own. Give them the chance to welcome you under their wing and celebrate their son’s newfound happine
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