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out of center(piece) field
In the age of DIY, brides are shying away from that which is cookie-cutter and embracing all the off-kilter details they can get their turquoise-polished nails on. This includes the esteemed centerpiece, a stand-out chap but too-frequent frequenter of the flower and candle crowd. Leave the old depenables for the bedroom, and instead, opt for something a little less expected.
Modern décor is not asking for a complete upheaval of the classics; it’s simply wanting for a fresh breath of air. Before trading in flowers for wired abstractions, or dying roses a bizarre blue, consider a change of vessel.
Say buh-bye to the vase with:
Beer, wine and soda bottles
Apothecary, mason and jam jars
Tin cans as chic presents (think toile wrapping paper)
Tin cans as tin cans (think labels from the 50’s)
Hovering hanging planters, or shot glass planters
clever tip
For cuteness congruity, use retro flowers like carnations or daisies
variation on a floral
Roses and co. are beautiful (very beautiful), but they lack whimsy. You can’t eat them either. Outsmart predictability by filling lovely vases with a bunch of delicious and weird junk.
Stuff your long and lean or short and squat vase with:
Citrus fruits for a summery twist on fall’s subdued gourds
Upside-orable root veggies
Exotic fruits like passion and dragon
the miscellany of speckled eggs, toys, paper flowers, sea shells, stocks of wheat, fresh herbs or spray painted branches
Candy in your color scheme (a wedding not built on raspberry blues and watermelon pinks can select the neutrally metallic crowd-pleaser Ferrero Rocher)
objects of your affection
Buck tradition with highly unusual artefacts such as lollipop stands, paper lanterns and fishbowls. It should be noted to leave fish lamps out of the equation, as their cruelty is on par with those of fish platforms.
Snow-globe jars filled with jewellery
A cake, pie, a fruit basket
Decorative bird cages(left empty or lit up).
Little trees with tea and/or fabric favor bags
Containers of flowers, candies or soaps to be scattered across the table and snagged by guests at night’s end
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