s eychelles, like any decent tropical archipelago worth its weight in coral, thrives with havens of palm trees, splashy reefs and pristine strips of sand scant of tourist footprints. But this archipelago isn’t just one of the many, it is the many. Singlehandedly breathing sincerity into the phrase “in your dreams,” Seychelles, found east of Africa, is composed of more than one hundred reverie
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b ecause not every honeymooner is fantasizing a five-star deluge, it’s only right to honourably mention the option to camp amongst a bevy of resort-biased articles. A hitched tent does more than prevent a worn out credit card; it provides a soul replenishing escape from all that is fast and furious. And while lounging poolside offers blips of peace and a sweet tan, a week mid country-scape ingrai
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a erial views regarded, Mauritius is a golden beacon of sand, demoting the Indian Ocean to scrim status, nothing but a blue backdrop for a bright little gem of an island. But from an earthly perspective, Mauritius is more than just another pretty face, it’s a pocket-sized four corners of the world, a compact cultural potpourri and historic watering hole, containing more geographic diversity in it
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t he Zanzibar Archipelago, cradled by the motherly warmth of the Indian Ocean, is made up of Unguja, or Zanzibar Island, and Pemba, as well as a host of other tiny, twinkling gemstone islets. Each dew-drop constituent helps to form the United Republic of Tanzania of eastern Africa. Everything about this quintessential, paradise pit-stop suggests a by-gone age – spice plantations, raffia and clove
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t ake newly-married life up a notch (think ‘in like a lion’), with an exquisite earthen-laden venture into Sabi Sabi, a national wildlife reserve located in South Africa, 5 hours outside of the city of Johannesburg. Sabi Sabi is all about getting up close and personal – scoring that coveted exclusive with some of the engulfing safari’s biggest (and furriest!) stars. What’s more apropos fo
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Cayla's Evening of Networking
May 2010
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Cayla's Evening Of Networking
August 2010
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