s eychelles, like any decent tropical archipelago worth its weight in coral, thrives with havens of palm trees, splashy reefs and pristine strips of sand scant of tourist footprints. But this archipelago isn’t just one of the many, it is the many. Singlehandedly breathing sincerity into the phrase “in your dreams,” Seychelles, found east of Africa, is composed of more than one hundred reverie
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c uba’s photogenic beauty can be as conventional and pamphlet-perfect as coral reefs, knockout beaches and limestone cliffs, or as offbeat and gallery-permissible as verdant tobacco fields, retro Chevy’s, and gaudy, polychromatic murals. Dip your freckled toes in both worlds, indulging in the conveyor-belted cocktails of resort-life, and the fearless pretty of a country so well-endowed with rad
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s t. Vincent and the Grenadines, historically scandalous and presently alluring, is exoticism at its most welcoming. With outstretched arms, this archipelago of Caribbean pedigree invites you to follow its cobblestone roads of hubbub and heatwaves down to whichever sanguine, unruffled island suits you comfy, cloistered needs. Long walks on a moonlit beach isn’t just the stuff of deliriously hope
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f or the more adventuresome bride, a destination wedding can seem like the perfect way to combine two breath-taking passions: travel and the lucky guy on her arm. Truth is, with an unlimited selection of destinations- everything from a Caribbean beach to an intimate restaurant in Paris, to a theme park in the States- it can be a perfect day. Moreover, the fact that it will so effortlessly transform
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b ora Bora – located in French Polynesia near Tahiti - may be one of the smallest of the Pacific islands, but it oozes with personality and love-appeal. Better known as a secluded paradise, or heaven-on-earth, Bora Bora offers a brand of deep sea romance only dreamed of in harlequin novels. Swim with the dolphins, sleep in a fish-bowl bungalow, hug a shark- or play it safe and just hug your honey
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Cayla's Evening of Networking
May 2010
location: The Viking Center
video by: Marrone Video

Cayla's Evening Of Networking
August 2010
location: Le Crystal
video by: XO Productions