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y ou don’t need a riot of color to get cheeky on your wedding day. A subtle tint or pop of paint is enough to make any grrl weep. Designers are beginning to favour off-off-white hues like pink and grey, though color is still somewhat scarce in the realm of gowns. Best to shop for dresses eith
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t raditional wedding cakes are not for everyone, despite being spun from vanilla clouds and birthday frosting. While spicier cakes are on the market, you may choose to nix the thing altogether and favour something on the humbler side of sweet. Because cupcake tiers have become the knee-jerk alternative, it’s absent on this list but should probably remain on yours.
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l adies love to accessorize. The delirium of frills is all in the excess, with bandeaus and boleros and teal nail polish granting that more is more, and no less. With that in mind, take a good long ogle at our most wanted bridal druthers.
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Cayla's Evening of Networking
May 2010
location: The Viking Center
video by: Marrone Video

Cayla's Evening Of Networking
August 2010
location: Le Crystal
video by: XO Productions