s purred by an artisan vision of romance, vintage-princess Claire Pettibone’s 2010 Spring collection pairs gossamer philosophy with zen-like esthetics. Drawing inspiration from that ephemeral space between petal and sky, Pettibone’s illustrious designs shimmer and sing with the mystique of a Ming dynasty empress.
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r ecently, the kiddy confectionary and after school snack worked their way from guilty pleasure to hot menu item. It all began with the cupcake, lost its fad status with the candy bar, and now, homey roots be damned, cookies have gone couture. Fresh ingredients, attention to detail and pure passion justify the humble goody’s lofty suffix. L&V Sweets, ‘the sweet cookie boutique’ from Montreal,
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t here is a certain subculture of shoe-lover known as the Weitzman Women. These are a people who worship the unmitigated magnetism of a well-crafted slingback with no less enthusiasm than those British Invasion tweens. If you can’t get to an immortal pump today, the obsession can be justified through Stuart’s repute. The man is at once designer and craftsman; big name brand and hands-on artisan
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Cayla's Evening of Networking
May 2010
location: The Viking Center
video by: Marrone Video

Cayla's Evening Of Networking
August 2010
location: Le Crystal
video by: XO Productions