s hopping for one can be a little tricky, but picking out a present for two can be a much stickier situation. The goal is to find something that will appeal to even the most schizophrenic of couples, which is why practical items like furniture or domestic appliances are so appealing to the buyer. However, more and more, couples are moving in together before tying the knot. So, what do you get for t
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g et pretty with a little (just a little) summery glow. But caution is key when going chromatic because a backless gown exposing a crisscrossed tan line- not such a good look. Neither is peeling skin, streaky skin, an orange-stained white dress, melanoma, or well, you get it- a lot can go wrong. It can also go nice and smooth, (smooth as tanning mousse) if you take a few precautions and opt for fak
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v ivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” depicts every earthly spell as a ripening soundscape – each is entirely captivating in its own unique way. If your wedding date is unique to you, then it’s sure to be a hit. Weddings traditionally follow on the heels of blossomy sweetheart spring, but summer has always managed to ignite both campfires and carefree passions. F stands for Fall, and all of the f
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Cayla's Evening of Networking
May 2010
location: The Viking Center
video by: Marrone Video

Cayla's Evening Of Networking
August 2010
location: Le Crystal
video by: XO Productions