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g et pretty with a little (just a little) summery glow. But caution is key when going chromatic because a backless gown exposing a crisscrossed tan line- not such a good look. Neither is peeling skin, streaky skin, an orange-stained white dress, melanoma, or well, you get it- a lot can go wrong. It can also go nice and smooth, (smooth as tanning mousse) if you take a few precautions and opt for fak
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m arrying a man who takes pride in his appearance and is comfortable giving those gender barriers a wee push can make for beautiful wedding photos. A little moisturizer here, a dab of concealer there and you can forget about photoshopping because the both of you are going to look air-brushed and picture perfect even in person! Think of every blemish-free, clear-skinned male model that’s ever insp
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v ivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” depicts every earthly spell as a ripening soundscape – each is entirely captivating in its own unique way. If your wedding date is unique to you, then it’s sure to be a hit. Weddings traditionally follow on the heels of blossomy sweetheart spring, but summer has always managed to ignite both campfires and carefree passions. F stands for Fall, and all of the f
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Cayla's Evening of Networking
May 2010
location: The Viking Center
video by: Marrone Video

Cayla's Evening Of Networking
August 2010
location: Le Crystal
video by: XO Productions