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Posted by Cayla Capri
2010 Trendspotting
2010 trendspotting cover full
All brides capping off the decade, wondering what’s hot to trot down the aisle for the 2010, need not look any further. Oh-nine standbys, like the vintage craze, hold fast at number one, reigning in updated newcomers, like the all-drama, no-cumber birdcage veil. Couture cupcakes, retro invites and monogrammed everything have yet to lose their mojo, so if signature drinks float your boat, don’t let them drift past your reception for playing passé. As for the new kids on the block, the trend amongst trends is all about personal details and local flavors, forcing even the most avid fad-follower to unleash her true loves.
themed weddings
2010 trendspotting 1
Take one part kid-like wonder, two parts grown-up budget, add life-long fetish for Alice in Wonderland, Goodnight Moon, or Candy Land until fantasy is dissolved, and behold your visionary real-life wedding. Imagination’s the limit when planning a celebration around a dear-hearted passion, so whether you channel a Renaissance woman, Liza in Cabaret, or a vintage circus contortionist, feel free to get a little nutty with the nitty-gritty.
photo booths
2010 trendspotting 2
Take a cue from sweet sixteeners and indulge in some kitsch décor that doubles as frisky diversion. Toss out the traditional guestbook and spring for a carnival-inspired photo booth where guests can Cheshire-cat grin and pucker their lips into your wedding keepsakes. Tack a chalkboard to the back for professions of love and lewd doodles you’ll always cherish.
jewel tones
2010 trendspotting 3
Last year’s choice palette remains hot as ever, but note that 2010 has signalled out audacious purple in a big way. To keep your wedding from looking like the giant purple people eater was head decorator, recruit charcoal grey, midnight black and worthy opponent sapphire for detailing-duty. Still, same-color love is hot and getting hotter, so some purple-on-purple shouldn’t hurt. Finally, make the most of royalty’s sweetheart shade by dying your most lavish items – everything from the floor-sweeping drapery to your jewel-encrusted chocker – that deep and glistening color de jour.
2010 trendspotting 4
Crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside, and pink and green and yellow all over, Parisian decadence gets playful with the rainbow-hued macaron. Showcase a mosaic of these artesian cookies (green tea, raspberry, choco-hazelnut) at your midnight sweets buffet and over-stuffed bridesmaids pleading Atkins will soon be singing a different tune.
going green
2010 trendspotting 5
Little love-notes to Mother Nature add up, so don’t write off recycled stationary, organic wine, soy-based candles, thrift-store china or biodegradable confetti as small potatoes. For bonus Good Samaritan points, donate all leftover eats to a local charity, and all bouquets to a hometown hospital. Go green and get back to your roots with heirloom jewellery and mom’s authentic vintage gown.
budget calculators
2010 trendspotting 6
Today’s brides are busy bees, and every bit as techno-savvy as their tuxedoed counterparts. Marry the two traits by hiring a pro-bono online budget calculator for optimal efficiency at a decent price. Not only are they simple to use, you and your gal-pals can get giddy planning affairs beyond your budget like proper teens before sobering up to your own darling, budget-smart affair, with not a penny wasted.
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home weddings
2010 trendspotting 7
As if last year’s homespun centerpieces, antique accessories and family-recipe inspired catering didn’t leave you feeling warm and fuzzy enough, 2010 predicts a boom in the so-cozy home wedding. Everything from potluck shindigs to backyard barbeques will melt mom and dad’s hearts, and symbolize a joining of clans in the way only water-gun fights, bug bites and a grandmother lemon-square square-offs can.
extreme lengths
2010 trendspotting 8
The new year shows hem lengths no mercy with mini-mod dresses and the princess gown revival. The former is peachy-keen and practical for any hot and breezy outdoor bash, while the latter remains perfectly pretty for those daunting aisles sheltered by stained-glass. Add some punch to cocktail frocks with pillbox hats, chunky jewellery and/or feather-adorned headbands. Subdue ball gowns with loose waves, minimal makeup and a cropped, structured jacket.
black detailing
2010 trendspotting 9
A shot of black magic brings piquancy to the classic white wedding pouf. Adding edge to your pretty palette begs for fierce vogue rather than faux Goth, so skip the moody liner and embrace black bouquets, floral appliqués, bow-tied save-the-dates, and B&W stencilled cakes. Get physical with black detailing cinching your waist, (silk sashes) cloaking cold shoulders, (tulle shawls) dangling beyond your décolletage (knotted beads) and tucked behind your ear (feathered clips).
sweet favors
2010 trendspotting 10
Last year wedding favors got personal, replacing customary figurines and the time-honored Jordan almond with monogrammed candles, home-grown preserves and tailored-made dipping oils. This year the sentiment only gets sweeter, with iced cookies, fruit-filled pastries, and chocolate mousse cups from your local bakery, and assorted candies, brownie pops and marshmallow hearts from the nearest sugar shop.