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Posted by Cayla Capri
A Cut Above
A cut above cover full
A ballroom overflowing with toasts and the twinkling of champagne glasses is an appealing image, but if you’ve got a budget to stick to, trimming a few extra inches off of that guest list is going to aid you in your quest. Expect that every guest will feel entitled to enjoying their own share of food, drink, and other celebratory vices. Rather than scrimp and save by spreading the works thin over a gargantuan crowd - let the day’s indulgences bubble over you and those closest to you.
list control
A cut above 1
Whether or not you want a wedding that is elaborately grandiose or sweetly intimate, make sure that your family is in on the vision too. Both parents and future in-laws are sure to have a handful of comrades they’ll want to invite – but try and respectfully determine just how dearly they hold this person to their heart. If the answer is an ambivalent one, gently suggest that they reunite with the gang over a future dinner party or poker game. As the official couple-to-be, don’t feel shy over voicing your opinion and adhering to your inner whims – your loved ones will want to be in-the-know.
a long story short
A cut above 2
Break out the Bunsen burners, your best reductive logic, and get to down to the task at hand of condensing that list. Consider etiquette noblesse, Miss Emily Post herself, and her theory of composing “tiers.” Only those grouped into the ‘must-have’ tier,’ and then the overflow, or the ‘second tier,’ will make the official cut.
Subdivide your groups based on their personal proximity to you. Compare and contrast your potential guest list with that of your sweetheart’s. Compile the two to see which friends and family members you have mutually included. Divide your list into ‘leads’ and understudies’ – if a lead role is unable to make it for show time, then send out an invite for the next runner-up. Finalize your decisions together so as to avoid any misunderstandings.
who stays, who goes
A cut above 3
Claim your cutthroat side with a karate class or glass of liquid courage - for at the end of the day, a chop must be made. For starters, the three-times-removed kind of distant relatives can be left off the list. Same goes for the pal from your first summer job – if you do want to play catch-up, you’re sure to find an appropriate time down the road.
It’s a rule of thumb that those who attend the shower should also attend the main event. When it comes to the office, invite only co-workers who morph into superfriends after clocking out. Don’t feel guilty if you want to abandon this group all together in fear of hard feelings.
You may want to exclude children under a certain age, or the dates of single guests. This way you won’t have to worry about supervision for bored tots, and you’ll be doing a favor for all of the indie gents and ladies, allowing them to mix and mingle. Try not to feel indebted to others over past gifts or previously extended invitations – people are more understanding than given credit for.
close to home
A cut above 4
Condensing a guest list is an excellent opportunity for exercising class, grace, and logistics. It will help you inherit an affirmative belief in your decision-making skills and a true sense of conviction. Those present at the wedding should be the folks that both you and the groom deeply care about. These are the people who you’ll want included in all of your future milestones together. What better clan to see you off into this new life chapter than those who have supported and contributed to the course of your successful relationship.