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Posted by Cayla Capri
A Fashionable Engagement
A fashionable engagement cover full
Miles from the dress-up fantasy land that harbors your wedding day, engagement photography expects only your cutest, comfiest digs. The e-sesh isn’t a superfluous stressor, but an excuse to indulge in no-frills fashion. Whether you’ve got the leftover dough, that shrewd thrift-store eye, or a closet you call heaven, your shoot should embody all the romp of a makeover montage.
be dress-y
A fashionable engagement 1
Slacks, bloomers and culottes are stylishly assertive, but the obvious bias towards the dress is difficult to ignore. The e-shoot frock might just be the convention to follow, as it’s all-flattering, adapts to every style, and fosters filmic movement. The wind billowing your skirt is on par with bangs getting in your eyes: it pervades photos with an easy-going energy.
Slip into:
a cute-as-it-is-conservative granny dress
a badass black tea dress complete with petticoat
a high-waisted bubble skirt
Unlike your wedding day, this is actually the perfect occasion to be trendy. You’re not meant to adhere to a timeless look, but to create a memento of you guys right now, for later.
At the same time, it is recommended you keep hair and makeup natural for a fresh and youthful appearance, unless of course, you don’t want to. They’re your photos; whatever makes you feel pretty, goes.
be stunning
A fashionable engagement 2
The trick here is to craft visual interest and avoid the possibility of camouflage. This means embracing patterns (like gingham, polka dot and paisley), textures (like tweed, wool and organza) and color (like all of them). Note that a dress with zippers, buttons, pockets, lace and collar-interest is better than a dress with none.
Also, accessorize like you’re six and you’ve just discovered your mom’s jewelry box. This means getting a hold of:
combat boots, opaque tights, shoe clips
bird-cage veils, hippie-bands, hats (chapeaus)
shrugs, knitted shawls, scarves
be two peas in a stylish pod
A fashionable engagement 3
Opposites might attract, but they shouldn’t model. If you’re dressed to the nine and he’s dressed to channel-surf, you’ll end up looking like the high maintenance girlfriend to his slovenly boyfriend. Therefore, coordinate accordingly, matching your tight, black number to his killer suit, your summer dress to his suspenders, and your white gloves and red lips to his fedora and hand-painted silk tie.
and now for something completely normal
A fashionable engagement 4
Eye-popping engagement shots are not for everyone. If you want to skip out on the photojournalistic themes/hipster garb/ tickle-trunk fare, fair enough. When both of you don white-t’s and jeans, it ends up looking like an ad for Guess, especially if you mack through the entire shoot.
top five engagement-session outfits