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Posted by Cayla Capri
Airbrush Makeup Shear Beauty
Airbrush makeup shear beauty cover full
Get baby-dolled up for your wedding day with airbrush makeup, a revolutionary foundation that enlivens your features and exposes a sprightly, bare-faced beauty.
Glamour is less about the kitschy glitter and more about that natural gleam: a philosophy that should be passed on to brides hoping to look model-esque for photographs. So ditch the stage makeup, clogged pores, clown-cheeks and all, and participate in a hot trend that permeates timeless beauty.
For a little taste, Montreal’s Mindy Shear shares some tips (and quality products) that will make you think differently about how makeup can work to serve you, and not just serve as a mask.
the process
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No foundation is quite like airbrush makeup because it’s made of what can only be described as “microdots:” so fine in application they’re simply misted on. They’re based in water, not oil, so they sit lightly atop the skin, never threatening to creep their way into your pores. This means no sweating and no break-outs (airbrush makeup cuts the oil by 75-80%). It doesn’t mean the look is short-lived; this is powerful, star-worthy stuff we’re dealing with. The water dries with a smooth finish that tightens across the skin, eliminating the need for any re-application. So not only can you chuck your emergency compact and adorn the carefree attitude that comes with touch-up-free makeup, you can cover tattoos, bruises, and scars.
pick a professional
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An experienced makeup artist will approach foundation like paint and the face like a canvas. At the same time, they should highlight the fact that a face is not “blank,” and encourage clients to go for looks inspired by their own features, and not photographs of actresses or models. You should also be advised against matching makeup with your wedding’s color scheme. These colors may not brighten your eyes or warm your individual skin tone, so if you’re artist suggests something different, trust her.
The behind-the-scenes labour at Mindy’s own studio is pretty involved, as the team creates a one of a kind color to match your unique skin tone. They don’t settle for a ball-park figure or the typical three-shades-fits-all system some companies bear. They also use quality airbrush guns, so watch out for artists who use aerosol foundation cans instead. Mindy explains that aerosol cans don’t have microdots, and are therefore not an ideal solution.
go for a trial
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You’ll discuss color combinations, how to stay fresh, and how to achieve the overall look you’re aiming for. You’ll also get to test out the whole airbrushed experience for an evening. This will provide you with a wedding day preview, and the artist with a chance to pre-emptively strike down any unpredictable complications.
come bare
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You should come to the chair free of cream and makeup, because the artist will want to work with a dry, moisture-free canvas. If you’re coming from work with makeup still on, simply notify your artist. If you are planning on getting your hair done, do that first. In all, the application should take 30-45 minutes.
mindy shear
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Airbrush tanning, semi-permanent lashes and of course, airbrush makeup: these are the goods that set Mindy Shear, Montreal makeup artist and entrepreneur, apart. She and her team make it their mission to give you a look that is at once spry and sexy. They aim to please and educate, so going for a consultation will not only ease your mind, but expand it.