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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
All That Glitters
All that glitters cover full
Lately, fashion’s been keen on women who button up, tuck in, cinch tight – and that very wearable fifties’ tidiness is pretty easy to love. But let it be known that closet and cosmetic kit staples have no place at your wedding. You’re the nighttimes’ darling and what you need to dress the part of pageantry is a little craft table glitz.
Glitter, in its most body friendly form, eludes the uber-trend stamp because it’s ridden countless waves of popularity, and with every tide it becomes just that much kitschier. It’s a playful way to approach makeup, but while it says whimsy, it looks seriously alluring. Sprinkle the girlie stuff in your hair, across you lids, down your back – and shine on you crazy diamond.
eyes - winking at glitter
All that glitters 1
To ensure big time starry eyes, a dab of glitter gel applied below the brow bone and to the outer and inner corners will do. For a little more sass, trace a glitter pencil over a neutral liner, or use a q-tip to streak the lid with Vaseline/moisturizer, and dust with loose sparkles. For total, no holds barred ‘tude, use a shimmer eye shadow or mix glitter with a cream shadow and run it straight across (one fell swoop) for optimal adherence. Of course, if your wedding’s no nightclub, you may want to pull back on the twinkle-zealous glam rocker look. An outdoor ceremony calls for something a little more midsummer’s night dreamy, so after applying that first coat of mascara, dip your wand in sparkles for lashes that bat to a nymphet tune.
face - razzle dazzle ‘em
All that glitters 2
Create runway in Wonderland cheekbones with glitter gel, highlighting from the apple on upwards, as with blush. A clean but somewhat sticky canvas works best, so always give yourself a mini facial (exfoliate/ moisturize) before applying the look-at-me fairy dust. When it comes to beauty store rumination, put gentle ingredients before all else, followed by color coordination. Stick to your tone’s temperature, pairing gold with warm skin and silver with cool. Beauty’s perennial bronzed goddess and ice queen have never been so easy to echo.
Turn lips from kissable into downright edible (think strawberry sparkle cake). Apply a matte red lipstick, and after frosting with a plumping, gooey gloss, lightly touch your pout with a q-tip scintillating red glitter. Va-va-vixen is right.
body - bright spots
All that glitters 3
Because glitter attracts light, it can grant siren-like powers of male hypnotism. But the stuff’s not fool proof, so make sure the brand is perfume free, lest you want its odour morphing your existing faux scent.
Pamper your body with the same homespun spa treatment you gave your face. Using moisturizer as glue, dust yourself with loose glitter. Then again, you may want to cut out the middle man and simply employ a spray.
When it comes to the ‘where,’ go with pseudo-erogenous zones like the shoulders, chest and collarbone. Really, any curve in the road should do. You’ll turn out lip-licking pixyish, as if you’d been daydreaming the afternoon away in a Candy Land field, smelling of peppermint and tasting like jujubes.
hair - my hair glows out to you
All that glitters 4
For disco-era locks, you can either streak in or spray on. But unless you spent junior high playing campy salon owner, phosphorescent streaks should be left to a professional. If, however, you were indeed a self-made roller-girl, highlight away with a delicate wand applicator. For temporary lustre, exercise a spray. Tresses left loose will overpower your face when crystallized, so only sparkle up top if you’re sporting a cute ponytail, topknot or incongruous chignon. A close crop will also work, giving you that ‘just got caught in a diamond drizzle’ look.