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Posted by Cayla Capri
Amp Up Your Camp Sites
Amp up your camp sites cover full
Because not every honeymooner is fantasizing a five-star deluge, it’s only right to honourably mention the option to camp amongst a bevy of resort-biased articles. A hitched tent does more than prevent a worn out credit card; it provides a soul replenishing escape from all that is fast and furious. And while lounging poolside offers blips of peace and a sweet tan, a week mid country-scape ingrains the sleep habits of a baby and the ruddy-cheeked good-naturedness of a yoga instructor.
where to camp
Picking out crock pots and wind breakers is decidedly less of a task than settling on a camp ground. This is especially true now that ‘camping’ comes with a bipolar range of prefixes from ‘winter’ to ‘luxury.’
Skimming through the sites should elicit the same giddy planning-high you’d get from booking a spa on the French Riviera, so if the thought of neighbouring cheetahs gets you off, don’t let fear (the notorious mind-killer) get the better of your dare-devil side. Same goes for igloos, perilous cliffs and mosquito swarms. This is supposed to be fun, remember? Therefore: go with your gut.
Or, go with one of ten Clever Picks.
top ten clever camping picks
joshua tree national park - california
Betwixt the deserts Colorado and Mojave is Joshua Tree National Park, where biblical trees reach heavenwards, wildflowers bloom in a glut of white and Bono reaps inspiration. A dream spot for rock climbers, hikers and mountain-bikers, this trip’s not for slackers. You’ll be returning home with the quads to prove it.
Contiki offers cross-continent euro-trips from 21 to 46 days. They feature a faced-paced pattern of one day in transit, one day of cultural immersion. Good food and good wine is not lost on any package, so your camp-out will be far from a watered down version of France, Italy, Spain, Greece or Austria (or Belgium or Croatia or Germany).
algonquin provincial park - ontario
Algonquin, Ontario’s big ol’ park, is home to thousands of lakes. If that sounds impossibly dreamy, pinch each other’s arms as you admire Canada’s wildlife and the weather-beaten beauty of the park’s awesome cliffs. The pine-scented forest also caters to those on the border of brave and completely nuts, i.e. the winter campers.
cape chignecto park - nova scotia
Cheap wilderness camping is at its purtiest in the Maritimes, where wine and cheese picnics are accompanied by bayside views and bike rides don’t skimp on the assorted landscapes. Beaches, valleys and wicked rock formations (Three Sisters) all work to create unmatched aesthetic drama – and the locals are sweeter than wild blueberries.
yosemite national park - california
Yosemite couldn’t not be on this list, as its World Heritage Site status, super-soaking water falls and staggering rock formations both Half Dome and El Capitan make it a triple threat in beauty. Despite the large crowds of like-minded oglers, your line of sight can’t escape the pretty.
el chalten - patagonia
Goading tactics in favor of camping South America include: a river valley village, a Pixar-worthy mountain range (Fitz Roy), and admittedly tumultuous weather that can climb all the way to utopian provided the conditions are right and the heavens have aligned.
goa - india
India’s west coast serves up an arena of beach houses and shmancy tents cryptically dubbed ‘Elsewhere.’ Getting there is half the fun as rice, chili and onion fields lead the way to a badass tent better equipped than your place back home. With a creek on one side and a beach on the other, you’ve officially entered paradise.
mombo camp - botswana
The luxury doesn’t let up in Botswana; it simply elaborates on the exoticism. The private island is the perfect place to live out your khaki-covered, waxed-mustachioed, safari fantasies of early 20th century opulence. Wildlife abounds with pure glamour.
longitude 131 - australia
Fifteen tents make this little haven of wilderness as intimate as a four-post bed. Get your fill of niche culture, rare plant life, three-course meals and sunsets to make a girl weep on your very own (kid-free!) walkabout.
golden triangle - thailand
You haven’t lived until you’ve roasted marshmallows in a bamboo jungle. Again, fifteen tents ward off the western standard of claustrophobia, though your elephant co-habitants don’t exactly stay out of the way. Copper bathtubs, river boat excursions and booze are sure to stir the uppity explorer within.