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Posted by Cayla Capri
Around The World In Eight Desserts
Around the world in eight desserts cover full
Whether it costs you an arm and a leg or just a night of baking with the gals, a midnight sweet table just might be the ultimate in feel-good decadence. The combination of the dark sky and the dark chocolate is bound to make you feel sumptuously romantic. However, a nice way to set your table apart is by adding a touch of exoticism. Whether you’re looking to appease your Canadian in-laws, harmonize your Hawaiian motif with the cuisine, or satisfy your love-affair with French desserts, as long as it tastes heavenly and creates a visually unique display, it has its proper place at your midnight sweet table!
green tea cream puff (japan)
Around the world in eight desserts 1
A fresh twist on a wedding staple, green tea cream puffs are made with the same pastry you’ve always loved, but overflow with an attention-grabbing green tea custard. The interest of the green color makes each one a little piece of art for your guests to gawk at and gobble up.
guava chiffon cake (hawaii)
Around the world in eight desserts 2
More succulent (and tropical!) than your average cake thanks to the generous dose of guava nectar poured into the batter, guava Chiffon cake is a light, fluffy delight. Because the Hawaiian favourite is a cheerful pink in color, it is guaranteed to bring a bout of down-south sunniness to your midnight buffet. Whether your wedding is below the equator or way up north, your taste buds will be swimming in the tropics!
gulab juman (india)
Around the world in eight desserts 3
Gulab Juman are bite-sized treats of fried dough, spiced with cardamom and drenched in a sticky, sinfully-sweet syrup. With its golden hue and alluring glisten, this dessert is likely to make a statement at any candy spread.
baklava (middle east)
Around the world in eight desserts 4
A staple in a myriad of middle-eastern countries, baklava is a layered pastry made rich with nuts and sweet with syrup or honey. Baklava can be cut and served in a variety of ways, so dress them in style for the big day! Slice the pastry into delicate little triangle or squares, place in colored or doily-inspired wrappers, and stack like a pyramid on a glass or silver platter.
fried bananas (mexico)
Around the world in eight desserts 5
Bananas fried in butter and brown sugar are a Mexican favourite. Serve with ice cream, or drizzle with caramel sauce or condensed milk and it’ll become a favourite of yours too!
macarons (france)
Around the world in eight desserts 6
Almond meringue cookies with sugary centers, (jams for the coloured cookies, praline for the chocolate ones, and caramel for the hazelnut) macaroons are delightfully light – a welcome treat after a full-course meal. Coming in a rainbow of colors, they’ll add artistry and oomph to any dessert table.
cannoli (italy)
Around the world in eight desserts 7
A cylinder of crispy pastry filled past-the-brim with creamy, sweetened ricotta cheese, Cannolis are a classic and it’s not hard to see why. Dipped in chocolate or sprinkled with chocolate chips or “succade,” (dried citrus peel) they are made all the more festive, and all the more tasty.
maple taffy (canada)
Around the world in eight desserts 8
Maple taffy, or “tire d’erable,” is maple syrup cooled over ice and wrapped around a stick. It’s made to be savoured like a lollipop, making it a fun, messy dessert to serve to guests. Because they must sit on a bed of ice before being enjoyed, their required presentation will be a unique addition to any buffet of sweets.