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Posted by Cayla Capri
Asking Too Much From The Girls
Asking too much from the girls cover full
Weddings, and everything that comes with them – the gifts, the shower, the bachelorette party – are all fun-filled, wonderful memories-in-the-making. But when you add up all the good times, (also known as the spa, the supper club, and just enough drinks to keep the bride tipsy all night long) you end up with a pretty hefty bill.
As the bride, keep in mind that most women are too shy to confess their financial shortcomings, and that many will be attending multiple weddings in one summer, so try and ease up on your well-meaning girlfriends. A keen organizer will know how to find the perfect balance between extravagance and prudence, but make sure your maid of honor knows this is your number one goal, and not a night of Marie-Antoinette-level decadence.
So, your maid of honor is broke – what should you do? Suggest an inexpensive alternative to the girl’s night out: a girl’s night in! A potluck dinner is a fun way to get all of the girls to participate by bringing their favorite home-made dish. Set up a modest bar, buy a variety of alcohol and juices, and make wild cocktails. Create your own at-home spa, complete with manis, pedis and face-masks. Ditch the cucumber water and dip into the junk food – pretzels, chocolate-covered peanuts, and sour candies are infinitely more satisfying.
Your best gal-friend’s definitely going to pour her heart (and maybe a couple other organs) into making your parties rick-rollicking, so let her know you’re grateful for her hard work; not her fat wallet. Remember to be sensitive to your girlfriends’ situations, because ultimately, you’re going to appreciate their presence over their financial contribution. Sacrificing those loved-ones short on change just isn’t worth boozing at the Ritz. Of course, if everyone can afford it, the sky’s the limit!