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Posted by Cayla Capri
August Accessory Quartet
August accessory quartet cover full
August is when we make daisy chains with our nieces, road-trip westwards with our besties, admit defeat tardily and buy the darn air conditioner, prematurely shop for argyle sweater vests and laze poolside as much as out turbulent schedules will allow, and then some.
In honour of this glorious month, the first ruler of the Roman Empire and your sticky wedding day, treat yourself to some delectable goodies bursting with summer fruit flavors.
Delighting in the summer wind-down means downing a lot of cocktails; means behemoth cocktail rings. Set off your mojitos, cosmos and margaritas with a loud and husky statement piece.
Headbands are hot but if housework affiliations are coming on too strong, gussy it up with tulle and diamond clusters. It’s sensible gone decorative.
Two-tone eyes in watercolour shadows will cloud you in the kind of hazy, dewy beauty usually reserved for Impressions of water lilies.
Everyone’s favourite plastic shoe is a born heartbreaker in its greenish getup, peeping toes and nifty little bow.