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Bachelorette Parties
Posted by Cayla Capri
Bachelorette Into The Wild
Outdoor bachelorette into the wild cover full
If hectic wedding planning has wreaked havoc on your bright and shiny chi, work out some of that pent-up energy with a calorie-free unbride-ling in the form of a great outdoors extravaganza with your very best besties. The trick to pulling off a feel-the-burn, back-to-the land bachelorette shindig is to prepare your guests for just-in-case scenarios and gently advise them to pack oh-so appropo. In the end, you and your gal pals get to choose to either kick-back and relax, or kick into high-gear, spirit-raising altitudes with the help of some char-broiled eats, Parent Trap antics, and berry bunches of laughs babbling-brook style.
teddy-bear picnic
Outdoor bachelorette into the wild 1
Slip on a pair of your hottest shades and prettiest plaid get-up, and banish those bug blues away with a dousing of zesty citronella. Then it’s time to get down to business – the savory revels of an eat-or-bust picnic basket. Opt for a loaf of artisan bread or baguette, provolone cheese and prosciutto ham, cold roast chicken, or smoked oysters – garnish with chutney, calamata olives, and a bottle of chilled Chablis or Chardonnay.
Make sure you include all the tools of the trade – a cutesy cutting board, can opener, corkscrew, votive candles, and wet wipes. Unfold to your friends’ delight a vintage checked spread, a handful of drugstore bodice-rippers, and an artisan kite to help transform this seemingly simple bachelorette into a delightfully dallying day spent alongside the wood nymphs and the sprites.
climb every mountain
Outdoor bachelorette into the wild 2
Edelweiss it up with a nature hike into national park heartland or a craggy mountain range. This bachelorette option is more about function than style so make sure that the Sarah Jessica Parker in your life has outfitted her toesies in good-quality footwear. Make sure everyone stays well hydrated (opt for sparkling water instead of the decanter of wine), and have plenty of potassium-rich yummies on hand - think bananas, avocados, and strawberries - as well as protein-packed powerhouses (yogurt cups, pumpkin seeds, and dry-roasted almonds).
fun on the range
Outdoor bachelorette into the wild 3
If you’re a whistlin’ Dixie chick, round up your little doggies for a sun-swept, saloon-swingin’, hair-raisin’ adventure fit for the Dangerous Nan McGrew. Check into a glorious ranch resort for horseback riding, heart-warming campfires, and rustic eats like scalloped corn, chuckwagon chili, and venison parmesan. The highlight of this high-noon bachelorette is going to be the chance to play catch up with the girls. There’s nothing like a good gossip session in a set of Adirondack chairs, a pitcher of electric lemonade within easy reach, and an unobscured view of that not-too shabby stable-hand.
seaside getaway
Outdoor bachelorette into the wild 4
As long as you slather on the sunscreen, a day-trip to the shore makes for a fabulous bachelorette, thanks to its youthful MTV appeal. Crack open a cooler of Corona, blast that boom-box, and get ready to get conch-shell giddy. Once you find your sea legs, risk a mussed-up do, and enjoy a little surf ‘n’ turf out in the water, or have a sand sculpture competition safe in the hot bed of the sand. Dance along the dunes or break out the hibachi for a mango shrimp satay. Without trying to burst any bubbles, chocolate should stay in your hideaway cupboard at home. Make sure to bring some melt-resist treats instead, like cherry chile fudge squares or a boysenberry compote.
snow games
Outdoor bachelorette into the wild 5
If you’re going to be an Ice-Princess bride, you have to celebrate in winter-hinterland style. Head out to cottage-country for a snowy refuge by the lake, or go cross-country skiing gussied up like a 60’s snow bunny. Pass out thermoses of brandied-up hot cocoa and hit the sleigh rides with a handsome chap driver. Go skating in the heart of city central to the sounds of carolers and clock towers, or decorate ginger-bread cookies just like back in the day when side-pony tails were all the rage.