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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Batting Above Average
Batting above average cover full
Eyelashes have long since played a dutiful part in protecting one’s peepers. Despite the fact that dust and dirt love to lodge themselves in there and irritate irises, the classic conveyors of the butterfly kiss know how to fight the good fight. Such devoted cilium is worthy of a little TLC.
For that extra flash in your wink, think thickness, length, and luminosity - all three super easy to achieve with just the right balance of tools and nourishing ingredients.
a clean blink of health
Batting above average 1
For War and Peace lengths, get back to the hearty stuff by incorporating more fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and water into your daily diet intake – this down-to-earth concoction is sure to inspire electrifying radiance. Both multivitamin supplements and Vitamin E oil have been proven to stimulate hair growth over time – just apply oil to an eyelash comb and gently work through the extension of the lash.
Petroleum jelly right before bedtime will help lubricate fussy follicles, while notable cosmetic brands are now beginning to offer a handful of accessible products specifically designed for more luscious lids.
curl up with a good look
Batting above average 2
A curled lash noticeably opens the eye, making your evening style dramatically pop with an undeniable coquettish flair.
1) Let your lid relax halfway down the eye before placing your lashes inside the mouth of a clean, well-designed curler.
2) Close down, allowing the lashes to sweepingly fan across its diameter.
3) Simply open and attempt once more if there is any noticeable pinching.
4) When closed, hold this position for 5-10 seconds, releasing when time is up.
This may be repeated if you choose to maximize the ante. Always make sure to curl before applying mascara - curling a mascara-laden eye may lead to unnecessary breakage.
faking it
Batting above average 3
When you want optimum glam, lash out with sumptuous falsies. Trim your purchased fakes to accommodate the natural line of your own originals. With the fake stuff prepped and ready to go, apply a minimal line of accompanying adhesive along its base, let this chill and set for an average of one minute. With the help of a mirror, apply the false eyelashes just above your own, sticking to the line as close as possible.
Practice makes perfect, but remember your new eyelid embellishments may be adjusted with a pair of tweezers.
ask for an extension
Batting above average 4
New to the market and too hot to bat an eye at, eyelash extensions enhance illustrious lids once and for all. These surgical-grade synthetic fibers are best applied to your individual lashes by a licensed esthetician - just don’t be startled if the false hairs are shedded naturally over time.
Extensions have been said to be sported by the likes of Paris and Lindsay, braving the shower, pool, and paparazzi all in one go.