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Posted by Cayla Capri
Bee Gee Bags Gracie
Beegee bags gracie cover full
Thanks to an authentic in-house touch and uncanny eye for the color spectrum, Brooke Galardi’s 2010 collection for BeeGee Bags is simply delight-inducing. Shaking the tradition of pearls, lace and frills, Gracie offers a range of hue-seeped clutches that stay true to the art of timelessness.
goldie tulip
Beegee bags gracie 1
An adorable vintage-inspired pouch that works with movement to draw attention in all the right places.
Bag bests include:
Antique brass finish frame
Pleating around clutch contour
Linen finish
Pink satin lining
noir peacock
Beegee bags gracie 2
A trend experiment in motif that succeeds beyond compare. Composed of light-weight cotton, this clutch is meant to be down and out flaunted against a white gown backdrop.
Bag bests include:
Brush nickel frame
Pleating and rounded shape
6” clutch
Orange satin lining
gracie and maude
Beegee bags gracie 3
Sleekly simple with edgy color contrast – this rounded pouch clutch gives off post-modern vibes and wavelengths of elegance.
Bag bests include:
Centerpiece imaging
Antique brass finish frame
Decor weight cotton with linen finish
Bright pink satin lining
orange mum
Beegee bags gracie 4
Punchy and vibrant, ‘Orange Mum’ accents the snowy gleam of any gown with a splash of bold color.
Bag bests include:
Decor weight cotton with linen finish
Antique brass finish frame
9” base for clutch
Bright teal satin lining
mrs. peacock
Beegee bags gracie 5
A conceptual delight – this peacock feather fanned clutch is a twist on texturization with a shimmery cream body exposing skillful embroidery.
Bag bests include:
Silk exterior
Embroidered motif
Antique brass finish frame
Bright pink satin lining
Beegee bags gracie 6
Cool calm style that goes from aisle to dance hall in seconds flat. Suited to every gown under the sun, this versatile rounded pouch clutch fits the bill every time.
Bag bests include:
Sateen exterior
Antique brass finish frame
Forest-floor imagery
Pink satin lining
orangy red
Beegee bags gracie 7
With its passionate pop of color, this tongue and chic-ly named accessory is a must-have for the big day.
Bag bests include:
Cotton glaze finish
Antique brass frame
Blossom motif
Bright blue satin lining
black cherry blossom
Beegee bags gracie 8
A whimsical breath of fresh air matched with a touch of mystère – this is the go-to lipstick caché when dashing off to the chapel.
Bag bests include:
Summer linen fabric
Black, orange, and green detailing
Antique brass finish frame
Peacock blue satin lining