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Posted by Cayla Capri
Beginner’s Potluck
Beginners potluck cover full
There’s something reassuring about comfort DIY eats, surely triggering memories of dad’s mac and cheese cure for the broken hearted, grandma’s lectures on the correct corn starch to strawberry-rhubarb juice ratio, and your fiancé’s alleged ‘world famous’ buttermilk fried chicken – a romantic, calorific picnic staple. Incorporating a little cockle-warming potluck-love into your wedding is not just a sweet metaphor for family and shared experience, it’s also budget savvy. Obviously cute at informal weddings, the potluck is also a friend to the traditional, being an old-time party irrefutable. Save some bucks and smacks some lips for every friend and family member’s most limelit dish as you organize a cool, totally caj celebration of togetherness, as represented by homegrown goodies.
good eats, good etiquette
Beginners potluck 1
Potlucks are definitely relaxed, but this doesn’t pertain to sloppiness. Keen organizational skills are in order here: you’ll want to warn your guests from the get go, giving them a food vs. gift option on their RSVP; providing a number they can call for food musings with you or the groom. This way, with auntie’s pine-nut couscous, mom’s grilled sweet potato salad, best man’s asparagus cheese dip and cousin’s ginger chicken wings checked in and stamped for approval, you’ll be sure to cover all food groups, and not all variations of tuna casserole.
So guests won’t feel blind sighted, simplify their lives by creating a theme, like BBQ (pesto pasta salad, chicken drumsticks, spiced lamb burgers), picnic (creamy coleslaw, mango strips with vinaigrette and lemon squares), or fondue (sourdough bread, gruyere cheese, steak cubes). If you’re not into the theme idea, you may want to clue your pals in on few potluck favourites, like the antipasti platter, the cran-walnut salad, the mushroom quiche and the infamous caramel blondie square. This way, if they’re at a loss, you can both push them in the right direction and gain (some) control over who brings what.
Don’t ask any culinary demands of out-of-towners, as cooking on a crock-pot in their hotel room is probably not what they anticipated from their getaway. Instead, you might ask them to pick up a bottle of wine, or box of shortbread from the local patisserie, once again in lieu of a present.
scraping together
Beginners potluck 2
Designate a couple neighbourly guests to receive all dishes as everyone arrives, and a couple others to set up the table, as you’ll surely be preoccupied in the dressing room, touching up your makeup and sneaking champagne with your bridesmaids at this point. If you don’t want the food set up all willy-nilly, you might want to have the table set up beforehand, perhaps by your maid of honour, with boxes of varying heights and widths placed beneath a table-cloth for visual interest and optimal space.
Try to gather up as many hot plates, heating pans and crock pots as your relation to campers would allow. If this is just not possible, you may want to opt for a cocktail potluck: desserts and appetizers best served cold only.
Ask that everyone scribble ingredients on cue cards to place beside their platters for allergy and dietary restrictions’ sake. Tell them not to bother transcribing steps, especially if they’re feeling protective of a secret family recipe. Besides, unique dishes and their origins make for great mingling catalysts.