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Posted by Cayla Capri
Black Out Is In
The ultimate in classy understatements, the bodacious black accessory is borderline melodramatic but oh-so hot-to-trot for Spring/Fall 2010. Raven-esque accents against snowy palettes of traditional white dresses are cropping up here there and everywhere on both runways and wish-lists alike. Whether ashy and ruffled, or smoky and smooth, these wearable trend options take being grrrly to a whole new level.
back in black
Black out is in 1
For the fab flick ‘Sabrina,’ Audrey Hepburn teamed up with the delightful Givenchy and donned an ebony-embroidered nuptial knock-out. For a touch of antiquated elegance:
Opt for black damask, brocade or filigree patterns when scoping out dress designs, or say yes to a frothy black crinoline à la Stephanie James Couture
Take note from haute couturier Vera Wang and cinch your waist with a stunning black sash
A lacy shoulder-hugging black bolero is a breeze to pull off
Carry a bouquet of white carnations or pink anemones wrapped in a black satin ribbon
film noir
Black out is in 2
Casablanca had the right idea with its sea of impeccably white dinner jackets and razor-sharp black bow ties. For sweeping cinematic flair:
Wave farewell to dull with a pair of elbow-length silk black gloves
Accessorize to the punk’d degree with Chrissie Hynde bang-inspired tiaras, rings and combs
Remember a pair of midnight-black satin pumps is the pitch-perfect mix of subtlety and sexiness
Tie your look together with a black-and-white clutch purse and a delicate lace necklace
clever tip
When flaunting heavy black embellishments, skip the thick red lip and uber-eerie cat-eye to avoid looking like an extra from an umpteenth Twilight installment. Instead, reach for a hint of bronzer, a dusting of nude shimmer, and just a dab of rose gloss.
Black out is in collage