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Posted by Cayla Capri
Blue From Baby To Navy
Blue from baby to navy cover full
Drape your fine affair in the blues and entrance your loved-ones into a sense of blissful calm. Ignore the color’s melancholic connotations; they’re misrepresentative of its true-blue mood-boosting powers. Blue rouses glee, serenity and harmony, and in addition to infusing ocean-side romance or ethereal whimsy into everything it touches, blue is ideal for soothing those wedding day jitters.
ocean blues
Blue from baby to navy 1
Channel Neptune with oceanic hues. Aqua blue, light green, turquoise, beige and a hint of pink will look especially pretty at a wedding where flowers are sea shells, centerpieces are star fish, and the reception hall is a sea-weed spangled straw canopy. For a look that’s less serene and beach-caj, exaggerate the shades: combine bright springy green with a sinister, metallic blue.
icey hues
Blue from baby to navy 2
Leave the greenery behind and turn up the A/C for a dramatic arctic dreamscape. Crystals, silvers, lucid whites and translucent blues create a modern look fit for an ice queen. Craving a little warmth? Trade in contemporary ice for vintage, blue-blooded winter-wonderland by saturating the hues and adding a little cranberry, (a horse-drawn sleigh couldn’t hurt either,) for Romanov-level majesty.
shades of blue
Blue from baby to navy 3
Select any and every shade that floats your fancy, until your right blue in the face: from baby to navy, from electric to teal, they’ll all work together in an eye-catching rainbow of atypical blues.
primary colors
Blue from baby to navy 4
Go bold and basic with primary colors a la sex and the city, putting simple, saturated blue, red, yellow, and black to fashion-forward use.
a la mod
Blue from baby to navy 5
Dress up your wedding like Mary Quant would’ve dressed Twiggy: in sixties-inspired blue, pink, orange and brown.
hints of blue
Blue from baby to navy 6
For a simplistic look with a dash of Mediterranean charm, try a white-out wedding with hints of blue. If this seems too culturally-specific, insert unexpected blues in unexpected places, like an electric blue shadow smeared across your lid or a baby blue garter wrapped around your thigh. You may also want to tone down the unintended connotations with hints of bright yellow, soft lilac or gold for that ethereal, Hera and Zeus wedding-in-the-clouds look.
sweet baby blue
Blue from baby to navy 7
Get down and girly with colors reminiscent of the sweetest taffeta prom dress: baby blues, purple and pink, all tied up in one neat, sugar-coated package.
breakfast at tiffany’s
Blue from baby to navy 8
Take blue out of retro girlishness and into trendy womanhood by combing tiffany blue, chocolate brown and cream for a look that is stylish, adult and Hepburn-chic.