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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Breathing Easy
Breathing easy cover full
A suppressed bridezilla lurks within every even-tempered broad, somewhere deep beneath the unanswered RSVPs and laid back fiancés, just left of the vendors hanging tough. But that side need never be unleashed if mental and physical health are tamed from the get go. Keeping a sensible stress-care regime on tap, full of body-conscious techniques and healthy escapist alternatives, will provide you with ammunition whenever that old monster starts bubbling up inside.
one year - starting off right
Breathing easy 1
Eating well and feeling attractive does wonders for your frame of mind. Just after announcing the good news to your folks, start the skin, hair and body regime you’ve been ruminating over since college. Ignore quick-fix fad diets. Calorie counting won’t last past the first week, so if you’ve got a year to trim down, start covering all essential food groups on a daily basis, hitting up your fibers, healthy carbs and proteins especially. As always, drink plenty of water (a quick calculation: ½ ounce of fluid multiplied by every pound you’re made up of- that’s how much you should be drinking).
Start exercising regularly to help blow off steam, boost mood and energy, and encourage deep sleep. If you just don’t see yourself plodding over to the gym four days a week, try yoga, a dance class or join an intramural soccer team. Brisk, 30 minute walks 3-4 times a week will work fine too, and is the perfect outlet for chit-chatting with your fiancé while you both de-stress.
If it applies, quit cigarettes. Smokers may dub this a counterintuitive means of starting the year off anxiety-free, but the sooner you quit, the sooner exercise becomes breezier. Plus, wrinkles, yellow skin and teeth (all side-effects) will only work your last beautification nerve when get pre-wedding pretty. Feeling healthy and gorgeous will make you more at ease in the long run, and trading crutches in for healthy stress-reducing habits will serve you well, always.
A few more tricks include getting hip to aromatherapy, practising meditation, sparing (at least) one day a week of wedding stuff, and taking stress supplements containing B-vitamins, iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium.
six months - exploiting the lull
Breathing easy 2
Somewhere between choosing your color scheme and finalizing flower arrangements, you may experience a lull in chaos. Take advantage of the sudden influx of free time, and shower your main squeeze with attention. If they’ve been on hiatus these past few months, it’s time to reinstate regular date-nights. Tag along on fishing trips, make him breakfast in bed and treat each other to fool proof Fridays, complete with the stock dinner&movie combo. It’s an oldie but goodie.
three months - self-pampering
Breathing easy 3
In an ideal world, you’d be a regular at salons, spas and aestheticians’. But a working gal can still enjoy a little coddle if she instigates an (almost) all-inclusive at-home beauty regime. Invest in a manicure kit, exfoliate in the tub, moisturize frequently, and use hair and face masks weekly. Get the girls in on the do-it-yourself spoiling, at least once, sharing the pore-tightening goods and mood-lifting goodies.
Go shopping for the fun, playful wedding stuffs, like your perfect perfume, toe-nail polish, lingerie, bath candles and chocolate for your kitbag’s emergency stash. This will help remind you that weddings aren’t all meticulous organization and tough negotiations; they’re about you enjoying your blushing bridedom!
one month - professional pampering
Breathing easy 4
Place your final, full-body pamper into the hands of a professional, heading to a spa for a day of facials, mud baths, massages and reflexology. Toxins will release from your skin and stress from your shoulders. If your man’s touch calms far beyond any masseuse’s, book a spa getaway weekend for two.
two weeks - winding down
Breathing easy 5
If you’ve been slacking in the snooze department, it’s time to get serious about your zzz’s. Start going to sleep early by practising good before-bedtime habits. Anything that shuts your mind down and calms you nerves will do, like a scented bubble bath or a screwy comedy. Or, simply sit with your hands in your lap and concentrate on your breathing.
one week - the final countdown
Breathing easy 6
Ask your hair stylist for a scalp massage- it’ll get the blood flowing and feel great. Take one last date night as boyfriend and girlfriend. If the prospect of dolling out more cash gets you tense, have a date night in (cooking together can be super sensuous), go for a picnic in the park, or check out a neighbourhood dollar-cinema, heading to a hash-house post-viewing for a little late night chow down.