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Posted by Cayla Capri
Bride In A China Shop
Bride in a china shop cover full
As a mega-modern bride, adding china to your registry may seem a bit back-to-old-school, but with today’s dinner sets serving up so many different styles, from modest to quirky to top designer chic, notions of stuffiness are better left discarded. Embrace your chance to find something charming, elegant, or unusual – and go to town putting a contemporary twist on an old tradition.
the style
Bride in a china shop 1
Because the nature of variety is both exciting and overwhelming, picture a typical gathering thrown by you and your hubby-to-be, as means of establishing a starting point for the selection process. The china you’d use for a roast-dinner with your in-laws may be very different from the china you’d use at a dinner party with friends, Lady Gaga and copious pitchers of sangria.
basic white - not so basic
Bride in a china shop 2
If your parties are more eclectic in stylistic range than your taste in bowls and gravy boats, simply register for a straight-laced, classic design, (think white with a coloured band), that you can either dress up or dress down with the help of a few accessories.
Dressing up - Add a white linen table cloth, crystal candles and your best silverware for a more formal gathering.
Dressing Down - Use colourful napkins, funky glassware and bold placemats to liven up your white china.
Bride in a china shop 3
If you find yourself craving an array of designs, don’t feel any pressure to hold back. Ideally, your china should complement your own personal taste, but you may want to fuse an aesthetic connection with food and guests as well. Play around with everything from dainty floral patterns to mod prints - feel free to mix and match to your heart’s desire.
Of course, you can still find ways to make your mismatched plates “go together.”
Points to consider:
Colour scheme – Pastels, earth tones etc. Just keep it in the family.
Shape – Square plates are sleek and modern, and a fun way to create a link between varying designs.
Material – Incorporate some elegance into your assortment of dinnerware by keeping it all fine bone china.
Design – Go flower-crazy, but play around with different sizes, colours and designs.
the material
Bride in a china shop 4
Practically speaking, think about the possible material of your new china. As fetching as fine china may be, you may not find it so pretty after having to individually hand-wash each piece following every meal. Fine bone china is sturdier, but still requires a delicate touch, while porcelain is found to be a little more user-friendly. If you opt for porcelain, make sure to double check that it’s dishwasher-friendly.
Reliable and durable earthenware and stoneware sets are becoming more popular amongst today’s brides, since many of these superhero women must factor in jobs, kids, and quality time with their new man. These materials are both warm and welcoming, but most importantly, they can be safely nuked and easily tossed into the dishwasher, making playing-host after your fabulous wedding a piece of cake.