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Posted by Cayla Capri
Bride With A Pearl Earring
Bride with a pearl earring cover full
It is said that pearls are the snowflakes of the sea – no two are alike. Unique from any other stone, these milky wonders are creature-creations from leagues beneath the sea. Versatile and timeless, simplistic and unblemished, pearls actually enhance skin appearance thanks to the reflective nature of their ravishing lustre. So veto the cream-slathering and opt for the clasp of a necklace instead.
la perla appeal
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For centuries, this predecessor of the diamond was a symbol of revered perfection. The oldest example of womankind donning pearls dates back to 520 BC, after such jewelry was discovered in the sarcophagus of a young Persian princess. Both the Incas and Aztecs prized pearls for their moon-like radiance and mystical powers, while the Romans believed them to be the frozen tears of the gods. Ancient Greek mythology links pearls to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Wearing a string of these blissed-out tear drops is most definitely a must for the die-hard romantic.
pearls of wisdom
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Cultured pearls are the result of clever human intervention. Embedding a perfectly round nucleus into Mr. Mullusk prompts him to get a’ pearl-ifying. Natural pearls are more of a wildcard – the production of a luscious result is left to happenstance. Artificial pearls are widely available and market-abundant, all the while exhibiting the same alabaster glow as their authentic counterpart.
Buyer-friendly and ideal for jewelry design, freshwater pearls have more of a home-grown appeal - derived from lake, river, and pond-happy mussels. These pearls are lower in grade quality, but cover a sweet spectrum of color and shape.
Salt water pearls are plumper, rounder, and super-rich in their hues. There are three types to choose from - Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea. Farmed from Japanese waters, Akoya pearls are lofty in quality with cherry blossom overtones of white and rose. Cultivated Tahitian pearls range from daring ebony to nymph-like silvers, greens, and blues. These gems are capacious, exclusive, and coated with an incredible sheen.
Golden and silver South Sea pearls are amongst the largest pearls in the world - harvested in the plankton-rich waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. As oysters gorge on their preferred meal of choice, layers are sculpted extra-thick, making for an ultra-satiny finish.
a sea of pearls
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Like a cascade of champagne bubbles, pearls make an impeccable embellishment for a just-married jubilee. Bedeck cake tiers or cupcakes with edible sugar pearls of snow-white, ivory or touch-of-pink shades. For a picturesque tableau, tuck pearls into budding roses cradled within pearl-contoured vases. Pearl-encrusted napkin and candle holders are sure to be smooth to the touch and exquisitely soft on the eyes.
Choose to wear a beaded dress of Chinese organza or a pearl-festooned veil of Chantilly lace. For a Jackie O-so elegant look, envelope yourself in pearlized accessories – dew-droppy ropes or just one demure, delicate string. Try sporting a pair of stand-out solitaire studs, or a deluge of dripping chandelier earrings (ideal for a plunging neckline). For bridesmaid gifts, slip each of your ladies-in-waiting a pearl bracelet or a pearl-embellished keepsake box.