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Posted by Cayla Capri
Brides Of A Feather
Feathers have been ruffling fashionistas for years but can be recently seen going from day to night, catwalk to club. Stirring up some serious flights of fancy, a seemingly innocent plume evokes a plethora of images - Swan Lake cygnets, 1920’s gamines, and Victoria Secret angels. The selling point of this quill? Feathers can be sported practically anywhere – consider the following a how-to guide for putting a little more peep in your primp.
feather in your thinking cap
Brides of a feather 1
In the Spring of 2009, the late great Alexander McQueen wowed spectators with a gorgeously fluffed and flounced nest of a feathered wedding dress. Since then, this peckable trend has laid eggs of inspiration for high-end designers all over:
Priscilla of Boston’s strapless little contour-tucked number with accents of chiffon, tulle and ostrich feather roses
Jenny Packham’s ostrich feather halter dress with plunging back and crystal glass beading
Ines Di Santo’s gorgeous gown of blushing pink plumage with silk taffeta chapel train dress
feather your own dress
Brides of a feather 2
The feather trend swings both ways – whether subtle or ornate, you can choose to trim a single hemline or outfit an entire garment overlay.
Tap into your cuckoo side by trying:
Peacock feathers fanning along the side of the torso and flaring out over the hip
A golden wild peace silk train outfitted in golden peacock plumes
An ivory lace bodice embellished by delicate swallow-ish accents
Satin opera coats, capes and shrugs rich with Siberian fledgling-like touches
accessorize ruffled feathers
Brides of a feather 3
These days feather accessories are soaring in popularity and simply diving off the shelf. In all of the avian excitement, remember to keep your swan song to a minimum – over-the-top displays can be a tad show-girl-esque.
Opt for:
A rhinestone and enamel-laden black feather necklace
A silver feather cuff bracelet with leafy filigree
An afternoon-at-Saratoga-inspired feather fascinator
Snowy tufts tucked into a sleek cinematic chignon
light as an idea
Brides of a feather 4
Brides of a feather don’t always have to flock together – sometimes a gal’s got to set herself apart.
Chirp, twitter, and tweet to your own beat with the help of these fabulous accents:
An ultra-feminine bouquet that boasts both feathers and aww-worthy feathered tulips
Exotic fashion feather eyelashes by Shu Uemura in such resplendent hues as blue, ebony, and green
A sinfully indulgent feather boa by Paloma Blanca
A starkly dramatic feather kimono by Kelima K. Dress
Feathers collage