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Posted by Cayla Capri
Burning The Midnight Oils
Burning the mignight oils cover full
Cinnamon-sprinkled, butter-slathered bread can pacify a bad mood with North American comfort food tenacity, but when it comes time to suit up and indulge sans cupcake p.j.’s and chick-lit, it’s best you take your gratification cues from white-washed householders of Southern Europe. Oil-dipping is the newer, neater, margarine-smear.
Entirely apocryphal, but equally adorable is the conte of bread’s rise, a practical tool and alleged Roman invention with the sole intention of sopping up olive oil. Mediterranean natives know a romantic thing when they see it, so don’t hesitate to incorporate the light and lucid treat into your own amorous fete. But if you’re going to go villa-chic, do it up right with herb-laced crusty bread and high-end cooking oils, moulded for sleek length or suggestive curve in polished glass bottles. Whole chilli peppers, winding shoots and plump-tuous olives wading around in thick, lambent liquid is kind of a sexy sight to behold, so your bread and oil spread will delight eyes as well as tantalize taste buds. But if you’re worried about the fat factor, this is the perfect opportunity to look at the facts that justify your lush cravings.
a new perspective - indulging your health
Burning the mignight oils 1
Some fats make you fat; others provide you with energy, shiny hair, soft skin and nails of steel. The oils drip-dripping into the second category are the ones to take note of, as they’ll hook you up with the orgasmic benefits of a good, hearty binge without the bitter aftertaste of retrospective guilt.
Before grocery-shopping for W-day, know your oils like your fiancé’s mannerisms, and avoid getting hoodwinked by some sneaky salesperson. Once you’ve memorized the following terms, you’ll not only evade a bridal blunder, you’ll never look at a tub of margarine the same way again. And if you become a chronic scrutinizer of ingredients, your body will be forever grateful.
Monosaturated: A healthy fat to benefit your cholesterol.
Polyunsaturated: A two-faced fat that reduces bad cholesterol, but conversely works against the good kind.
Saturated: An essential fat in moderation that’s deadly in excess.
Transfats: Are just plain evil.
oils worth winking at
Burning the mignight oils 2
Honing in on the specifics will give you a simpler breakdown of the oil realm’s yays and nays. Healthy oils include olive, for its noble fight against heart disease and various cancers, canola and avocado, with their elevated levels of monosaturates, flaxseed, able to lower cholesterol and blood pressure in the drizzle of a salad dressing, walnut, for its Omega 3 fatty acids, and almond, in perfect harmonium with vitamin E.
Oils you can get away with include sunflower, safflower, grape seed and peanut. Sometimes high in the right and wrong fats, other times doubly low, these oils aren’t everyday splurges, but suitably, uniquely lovely for your wedding.
Finally, avoid ingesting palm and coconut oils (coconut’s actually perfectly nourishing when applied externally), and avoid coronary heart disease.
gloss over your wedding
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Set up a bread-dipping station, keeping up appearances with a round and rustic wooden platter, darling, matching bowls lining the parameter and a stack of handmade, toasted baguettes off to the side. The bowls should be filled with an assortment of flavored gourmet oils, like grape seed with garlic, sesame oil with chilli, and lemon-pepper or pesto olive oil. Position clear bottles of the crisp, specialty goods in the center. And while the wooden bowls should contain minced herbs and spices for delicate tongue-tingling, be sure the bottled treasures (lemon wedges, garlic cloves and so on) are whole: purely decorative and purely pretty.