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Posted by Cayla Capri
C Is For Couture
C is for couture cover full
Recently, the kiddy confectionary and after school snack worked their way from guilty pleasure to hot menu item. It all began with the cupcake, lost its fad status with the candy bar, and now, homey roots be damned, cookies have gone couture. Fresh ingredients, attention to detail and pure passion justify the humble goody’s lofty suffix. L&V Sweets, ‘the sweet cookie boutique’ from Montreal, illustrates the merits of going upscale with such an unpretentious dessert.
the cookie
C is for couture 1
Though we love those too, the couture cookie is no crumbly, ready to pop confection of unearthly delights. Because aesthetic supremacy packs the surface, most boutiques stick with a sleek and solid foundation: the sugar cookie. Occasionally veering into gingerbread or cinnamon territory keeps things fresh but still modest. With no almond slivers or chocolate chunks befuddling the flavor, the base is always baked to the nine using the purest of ingredients (an unfortunate rarity). This way, every bite packs an immaculately sweet wallop.
a cutter above
C is for couture 2
While all edible elements are righteously simplistic, the cookie cutters are not so discreet. A decent boutique will stock a bevy of novel shapes, plus the man power to create personalized cutters. For examples of model cookie-scpaing, look to L&V Sweets for adorable frocks, salacious undies and hep clutches.
the accouterments
C is for couture 3
Fondant icing seems to pervade all branches of artsy eatables. Not only does it set a perfectly smooth stage in any color; it’s just malleable enough for 3-D flowers, bows and the like. Royal icing is used for piping details and silver balls and glitter add eye catching flair. All together, they work to transform edible dresses into off the rack creations, and bachelorette biscuits into naughty, nippy conversation starters.
wedded to confection
C is for couture 4
A couture cookie display will work your wedding with frosted swagger. The dessert is relatively (as in vs. a crème brulee) low-cal, not to mention nostalgic. This means you and your guests can indulge in digestible décor while harboring as much guilt as you would munching on mom-made snicker doodles.
While a cookie platter is easy access, it’s definitely lacking in catwalk pomp. Instead, showboat your desserts with splendor:
Classic cookie jars are cute, but clear candy jars of varying sizes are cuter, especially when accompanied by colorful plastic tongs.
Dessert-pops are small in scale; big in popularity. At each table, stick a bunch of baked lollis into a vase. Floral arrangements have never smelled so yummy.
Put your cookies to work, either as table markers (iced numbers) or cake toppers (with matching tux and gown design). Their sleek and stable physique is giving marzipan a run for it’s money.
Darling packaging is a cinch with cookies, as their consistency is virtually no muss, no fuss. Create a favor to remember, placing cookies in ribbon-tied cellophane baggies or miniature vintage hat boxes.
l&v sweets: sweet noshings
Logo 13879 l  v sweets a sweet cookie boutique
Lara Villani and Vanessa Di Giacomo, the respective creative and business minds behind L&V Sweets, began their adventure innocently enough. After receiving rave reviews from friends, they put their cookies on the market, unaware of its burgeoning trendiness. While the pair are relatively new to the game, they’re already gaining an impressive amount of media attention. And while the pair achieved culinary stardom almost overnight, the cookies are still created one by one from Lara’s home, thus preserving their homey, hands-on, baked-with-love goodness.