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Posted by Cayla Capri
Cape Cod Sweetheart’s Delight
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Honeymoon trends are retreating from the exotic back into the nostalgic, so if your beach-bumming folks used to bundle up the brood for a trip to the Cape, it’s time to strap hubby in the passenger seat and drive on over to the land of clambakes, sand castles and hand-in-hand walking circuits. New England dictates a tryst of heady, Ivy League flavors, therefore smooches are best stolen in the posthumous bedrooms of legendary writers and feels best copped during historical trolley tours. Seasonal whimsy strips summer travellers to their lycra skivvies and begs autumnal cottage-dwellers to button-up beneath knit sweater vests. But whatever the time of year, remember to loosen the belt a notch or two, as Cape Cod serves up the idyllic charm with extra garlic butter on the side.
the romance
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The East Coast, in all its pastoral glory, yearns to be strolled by the star-struck, providing the Harwich Walking Trails, the Cape Cod Canal, and the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary for all your wandering needs. It’s up to you to interpret this invitation to traipse as a call to strap on your hiking boots and hand-feed the trail mix, veer off the beaten, conserved and guided path to canoodle in the cranberry bog, or create motivational poster perfect footsteps in the sand. Whichever satisfies your most intimate desires, be sure to pack a rucksack full of salt-water taffy so you’re not just nibbling necks. When it comes time to curb hunger with a wallop that pulled candy just can’t pack, head to a clam shack picnic table for fried chow beneath the yellow moon, or a twinkle-lit, seaside restaurant for fresh lobster and five-star views.
the scenery
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Adventure on the Cape is on the modest side, as you’re more likely to go too far during the pie-eating contest than too far from shore during a shark dive. But the peninsula of B&Bs and walnut fudge stills presents plenty of opportunity for hearts to flutter. Don your cutest garbage bag and go whale watching, climb to the top of one of eight working lighthouses- working your glutes and exercising your repertoire of metaphors and mysticism- or hop aboard a historically-buffed plastic horse for a sweet and musical carousel ride. For stimulation of a more visceral than visual nature, try the duckmobile, an amphibious mode of transportation that cuts through downtown Hyannis before diving into Lewis Bay for some more cultured sightseeing.
the adventure
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Cape Cod is rolling hill type picturesque: a town made for novice photographers and cutesy couples in oversized sweaters. Of course the ever emblematic lighthouse rules the New England décor, while art shacks, arboretums, historical homes and museums stick with the scheme. Pristine beaches and cranberry bogs add a little color to the virginal greenery and rugged, wooden structures, but for true color, you can count on the locals to mock up characterful hometown quaintness with an endless supply of shell-fish themed festivals. Or take a trip to Provincetown, the so-called gay mecca, for a fun, flirty parade with even more swagger in its step.
the secrets
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OceanQuest sounds suspiciously like an educational videogame, but make no mistake, this fab Discovery Cruise exposes first-time shipmates to real, virtual earthly perfection. Spend one and a half hours petting sea creatures, pulling up lobster traps (to be liberated afterwards), and more or less engaging in a marine bio 101 session. If this initial taste of salt water gets you jonesing for more aquatic adventures, sign up for the Starfish Water Safari, a riverboat cruise obliging sights both wild and cultivated.
the attractions
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The organic herb gardens, countless museums and historical homes provide a lot of food for thought, but if things are getting a bit crowded up there, indulge in some junkier fair, like the zooquarium and hands-on kid’s museum. You’ll still be stuffing yourself silly with knowledge, but there’ll be plenty of room left for a giddy game of tag and tackle through that old arboretum. For good times at their goofiest, and butteriest, check out OysterFest, the Bourne Scallop Festival, or better yet, a famously fresh and friendly Oceanside Clambake.
before you go
What to Expect
Spring: April through June are warm and pleasant months (5-15°C/41-59°F).
Summer: July through September are bright, sunny and warm months (17-25°C/63-77°F) It’s peak tourist season, but definitely the best time to go.
Fall: October through December are cool and windy months with the occasional snowfall (1-10°C/34-50°F).
Winter: January through March are cold and often snowy months (-3-6°C/27-43°F).
Dress casually and light
American dollar
The Lingo
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Cranberry scone: a rich, buttery pastry made with Cape Cod cranberries
Clam fritters: deep-fried clams
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