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Posted by Cayla Capri
Carry Me! Bouquet Alternatives
Carry me bouquet alternatives cover full
Earth’s blossoms are no-buts-about-it bountiful, beautiful, and from stamen-to-pistil fashionable, a carry-them-or-bust must kind-of-essential, right? Speaking in socio-positive, biggie-picture driven terminology- a floral bouquet might not be the epitome of beauty in every eye of the bridled beholder. Carry a torch for something a little on the audaciously alt-side? Fear not mean-girl marginalization – whatever you put your stamp on, is sure to make a sidekick fit to rival any Doctor Watson or Sancho Panza - bouquet-tiquette says playfully accessorized objects of tote ‘n’ cart affection are in, in, in.
a-choo-se time
Carry me bouquet alternatives 1
Petals of the rosy, dewy persuasion quiver and tingle, preparing to greet the day, nutrient-it-up, and (wait for it), release an excess of basophils and histamines fated to trigger an onslaught of inflammatory, nose-red, humanoid-agonized responses. Perfectly perfect reason to toss that bouquet and hit the road shopping, in a sensitively preemptive fashion, of course (a text message is just not cool), in hopes of uncovering new larks of alternatives to fill the role of a compatible clasping partner down the velvet road of Aisle. When you haven’t unbudgingly tied your thumbs down to solely the green stuff, you’ve got a good chance of maneuvering the cost gauntlet, as well as respecting the waste-nada want-nada quota.
Carry me bouquet alternatives 2
If you chose to fly solo, you may want to sport an emphasized accessory – a costume jewelry necklace, attic-y veil, or simple Holly-Go-Lightly, arm-length satin gloves. Equally silky and synthetic - a specially-crafted non-floral arrangement, sure to nourish the garden-esque ambience Mistress Marys secretly desire. Venture into arts ‘n’ crafts land and garner up attention with touchy-feely textiles – a carved-out wooden sceptre, a fluttering topiary of origami, or an exquisite artisan showpiece of crystal or glass-blown blooms.
Harken back to the days of Gibson Girl antiquity for the ultimate handful of hyperbolic feminized class. Try a bridal purse, perhaps silk, with silk faille straps, jet bead design and fringe. For a wintery union, sport a fur or shirred silk muff circa 19th century. The fan – revered as a symbol of good wishes by the Japanese, with its lace and paint artifice, delicate slats of mother of pearl, tortoise shell, ivory, and sandlewood, its no wonder the hand fan is used as an eye-catching cultural dance stage prop.
Marta von Trapp was adamant when she told Maria she was going to be seven on Tuesday, and naturally wanted a pink parasol, quite the future fashionista indeed. Linked as far back as Persia, with its portrayals of Persepolis, to way on down the line where the dolls of Edwardian corseted coyness lolled and strolled about - the parasol is a winsomely fetching lightweight. Look for scalloped edges, bamboo handles, brass sleeves, braiding, beading, silk and lace flouncy bouncy bows.
the bo-uniqu-et
Carry me bouquet alternatives 3
You may want to palm up a grab-‘n’-dash public display of conscious insignia – a kind of connect-the-dots for your guests - either an embodiment of the union, or a thoughtful reflection of the ceremony’s woven thematic elements. Or think of your preferenced bunchette as a little stowaway – its meaning can be solely beknownst to you – a covert token of mashed-potato-comfort and silken security in the form of a lucked-out charm.
Implement a single lit candle for a spiritually enlightened, chi-centered emblem, or a lantern to shed light on your homegrown-galness and rustic sense of home. Hug a photo of a passed-on loved one close to your heart, or let a doting pet nestle in your arms. Keep it sweet with a custom-made candy, cookie, or button bouquet, or sport a spray of peacock feathers and sparklers. Try a befitting microcosm of your theme – a shell, a carton of strawberries, a miniature zen fountain, prayer book, or balloons.
forget-me-not just yet
Carry me bouquet alternatives 4
For all old-fashioned darlings and mod-blossoms out there, there’s no need to seal off the garden gate just yet. Garlands, wreaths, nosegays, or wrist corsages will make fabulous touches to a soon-to-be wedded getup, but make sure to coordinate dress and décor hues.
For superior atmospheric softness, follow the bouncing ball to love with a pomander - a stunning flower sphere made from Polly Pocket sized buds, hung from the forearm thanks to an enforcement of ribbon. In the same vein, fill a satin, rose scented, Victorian satchel with sprigs of pussy willows, herbs, ivy, and ferns. Whichever you settle on, consider adorning the ensemble with accents of rhinestones, beads, feathers, or butterflies.
You can always try a pilgrimy beguiling basket, in accordance to the outside delights of the weather wonderful. Think lilacs, lilies, lemons and limes for spring - sunflowers, sweetpeas and cherries for summer – flaxen ears of wheat, acorns, bramble, and crab apples for fall - poinsettias, holly, fir cones, and oranges for winter.