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Posted by Cayla Capri
Carryin’ The Banner
Carryin the banner cover full
Garlands fall within the realm of twinkle lights, daisy chains and popcorn strings. All of the above do whimsy with the kind of refined, airy gusto typically reserved for monarch migrations and dances of the sugar plum fairy. In other words, no aesthete should let her summer wedding go unstrung.
keep your garlands crossed
Carryin the banner 1
Affixed mid gum trees, street lamps and iron gates, garlands abet the light the way lanterns cut the dark.
Let the sun shine through the tissue with:
paper flowers and giant, luffa-like poms
squares of frayed fabric
butterflies straight from the pages of National Geographic (actually)
clever tip
Grungy backgrounds are the perfect compliment to your dainty garlands, the same way a leather jackets rocks your tea dress’ world
When Ethan Hawke told Wynona Ryder she looked like a doily in that scene in Reality Bites, doilies regained their street cred.
with a litter of lit squares (in a summer camp!)
with hearts on bamboo
clever tip
Garlands should be given the same principle as modern art; therefore it’s about the scope of things; therefore string them everywhere
Finally, expect the unexpected with:
kiddie shoes tied by the laces
single and flimsy, long-stemmed flowers
Like your grandma’s pearl necklace knotted, let your garlands hang with attitude.
Mimic the unmistakable aura of the beaded curtain with:
butterflies clustered, like the monarchs do in Mexico
cut-outs of birds, leaves and flowers
caramel corn
banned together
Carryin the banner 3
Banners are like garlands with sportier outfits. While there’s nothing offensively neon about these wedding banners, their attitude is every bit as ‘go team.'
Give your love a shout-out with:
a rustic banner of varying earth tones
a vintage banner straight from nana’s quilt
a ‘just married’ - ‘hitched,’ ‘forever’ - garland & banner kit