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Posted by Cayla Capri
Center Stage
Center stage cover full
Think of your wedding centerpieces as little diplomats of panache - a reflection of the personal style you’ve honed over the years. The centerpiece can be a throwback to a ceremonial theme or simply a paradigm of atmospheric delight. Options are limitless, and designs, as well as price ranges, can be flexible. Consider the following few tidbits as inspiration for the creation of your ideal, eye-candy cascade.
a few choice words
Center stage 1
Decorating your table-dom doesn’t have to be taxing. If you’re on a budget, do-it-yourself is definitely an option. If not, you can enlist the aid of a florist for some professional know-how. As with any fashion fixation, you want to go glam – not gaudy. There are a variety of designs, colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, and for the most part you can do no wrong, since you are belle-of-the-ball. Bear in mind though, that guests will want to chat it up, so try to avoid anything that detracts from good old-fashioned eye-contact, or obscures a glimpse of you tasting your first forkful of cake.
When it comes to colors, sticking with the seasonal is always a safe bet. Pick pastel for spring or jewel tones for summer. Make it a sophisticated, monochromatic affair or use a handful of hues. Test out a mock-up before the big day and play around with different heights. Varying levels of visuals will help give the room a smooth yet distinct vibe. Remember that not everything has to match from head-to-toe. Pieces that are asymmetrical and individual can be just as beautiful as to-the-letter replicas.
the floral centerpiece
Center stage 2
Fresh-cut flowers certainly win the popularity contest among wedding table settings. But if you’re looking for something a little more low-maintenance, silk blooms will suffice (and look just as nice!) For hippies at heart, choose a terra cotta potted plant, a wheatgrass spread, or a lofty topiary. Gerber daisies, dahlias, and orchids are all flowers that stay looking psyched into the wee hours. To keep the water from going icky, add a splash of vodka.
Choose between square, round, or curvy vases. Some may double as photo holders so include a super-cute snapshot of you and the hubby-to-be. Crystal pedestals, goblets of mouth blown glass, wine bottles, and martini glasses are all jazzy alternatives.
the candle centerpiece
Center stage 3
There’s nothing more seductive than the muted understatement of candlelight. Venture into the world of votive, pillar, taper or tea light candles, strike a match, sit back and bask in the glow. Let floating candles linger on the surface of a filled, frosted bowl. A unity candleholder acts like a candelabra, while decorative cylinders can be filled with attractive accoutrements.
all the trimmings
Center stage 4
It’s frill time! Dress it up or dress it down – the centerpiece is yours to flounce or mellow out. Play around in Imagination Land and choose from feathered plumes, fruit slices, petals, pearls, tulle, ribbons, river rocks, seashells, glass bubbles – whatever floats your little love boat! Spray paint branches and boughs, stems and pinecones for a mystical, autumn aura or wrap mason jars up in rich sleeves of fabric.
Anything interactive is sure to win over the crowd – decorate the table surface with paper cranes that guests can pocket or chocolates they can nibble on. A Chinese take-out box brimming with blossoms, a goldfish bowl with real live goldfish, or parchment paper inscribed with a Byronian love poem are all slanted and enchanted takes on traditional decor fare.