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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Chocotherapy Enough Said
Chocotherapy enough said cover full
Scarfing down an entire bag of bite-sized chocolate bars is definitely therapeutic, but true chocotherapy is far less calorific. Chocotherapy actually consists of being slathered and massaged in ooey gooey chocolate mousse, which is just as appealing as the gorging scenario, and way less fatty.
how it works
Chocotherapy enough said 1
The method was developed by the “skinfood” company ISHI, although chocolate’s healing properties were discovered and revered by ancient Mayans. Chocolate may not be the magic cure-all like they once believed, but it is good for the skin. Some may find this fishy, since chocolate is infamous for instigating break outs, but when applied directly to the skin, the crillo (fancy Ecuadorian cocoa powder) unleashes near-magic healing powers: all those antioxidants and vitamins detoxify and rehydrate, the mineral salts smooth out cellulite and the caffeine can actually fight fat.
It almost sounds too good to be true, but that’s no excuse for scepticism – being smothered in sweet-smelling mousse and then wrapped in foil to set chocolate soufflé-style is every bit as lip-smacking good as it sounds. Plus, you’ll come out looking thinner, younger, and smoother than ever. Sadly, it is not edible. Go to a quality spa though and they’ll probably offer you a piece of chocolate before turning you into a human candy bar. Of course, that’s not exactly a clincher; chocotherapy doesn’t need a clincher.
variations on a trend
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If you’re really lucky, house-specialties just might push you over the bliss brink. Some spas offer sweet and spicy alternatives, combining Indian seasoning, herbs and maple syrup to the cocoa-buttered therapy, while others opt for the simple addition of exfoliating vanilla.
The more audacious spas will snag inspiration from patisserie favourites, like the orange éclair facial treatment, not without its fair share of complementary Brazilian black coffee. This regimen in particular, mixing vitamin C with mineral-salt ridden chocolate, is great for skin in desperate need of moisture replenishment.
how it can work for you
Chocotherapy enough said 2
Take the fiancé out for a good old fashion chocolate-dousing because it’s romantic, exciting and just a little bit weird. Incorporating it onto your honeymoon itinerary also gets a great big thumbs up, because once you’ve finished being lathered in a messy aphrodisiac, you can have a bit of dirty fun without the heavy-belly side-affect desserts usually have.