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Posted by Cayla Capri
Christina & Joel Right From The Start
Christina and joel right from the start cover full
Joel and Christina have been sweet on each other since their teenybopper days. The longtime valentines met on a millennium cruise, sharing a heavy date on the top deck. With virgin daiquiris in sweaty palms, the two soaked up rays and talked for hours before becoming the night’s floor show, dancing alone to Red, Red Wine. When the clock struck twelve, and the glass slipper dissolved back into a sling-back sandal, all seemed lost for naught.
the college years
Christina and joel right from the start 1
Fear not folks – though ineluctable teenage follies kept these two from a proper goodbye (see: curfews and Don Juan-wannabe rivals), they continued an online courtship over the following year. After graduating from high school, Christina took a trip way up to Joel’s hometown of Edmonton, from the so-south city of Dallas. After an incredible two weeks together, with no cure for love and miss-you syndrome, Christina extended the vacation. She and Joel spent their final days at Lake Louise – the site of their official fall into blissful madness.
favorite date night
Christina and joel right from the start 2
A balmy twilight is loaded with romantic possibility and clearly Joel was one to play with fire. One late summer afternoon, after driving Christina home from work, Joel suggested some indulgent sunning. The two found a field, threw down a blanket and then it was revealed: a homemade picnic to make Nigella blush. Once they’d feasted like hedonist kings on chicken, goat cheese, mango and mint croissant sandwiches – not to mention Portuguese custard tarts – Joel and Christina took simpler pleasure from an even of Rorschach-style cloud gazing. Both remember the evening as purely joyous and intrinsically perfect, despite the pesky mosquitoes.
proposal story - part 1
Christina and joel right from the start 3
Already Freudian-slipping their way to beautiful Banff for a friend’s wedding, Joel insisted on a last-minute lunch stop in Calgary before heading to Lake Louise – coincidentally their old necking ground. Christina, with keen womanly instincts, sensed something big was on the way when Joel turned off the car radio and they drove on in veritable silence. Once they arrived at their picturesque destination, the pair went for a casual stroll around the lake. Christina mused over how she may have jumped the gun – such bouts of affectionate petting were all sans proposal.
proposal story - part 2
Christina and joel right from the start 4
With an (empty) calm ‘n’ cool palm extended, Joel continued to lead Christina around the lake, until together climbing a giant rock. All signs pointed to a non-secret-harboring Joel, until he hopped off the rock and spun around on single, bended knee holding a crème velvet bag. When Christina’s once suave beau began to stammer, she offered her left hand as a gentle push in the coherent direction. Joel finally proposed and the fair damsel replied with a heartfelt ‘of course!’ The girl was so overjoyed she refused even a glance at the ring (secretly picked up by her very smooth beau from his uncle's jewelry store back in Calgary).
Out there in the great outdoors, the moment simply called for the bear-hug of a lifetime.
wedding rundown
Joel and Christina
Edmonton, Alberta
August 6th, 2009
Guest count
Color Scheme
Baby blue, fuchsia, and silver
Around-the-world cocktails, spicy Chilean sea bass with fried banana, mixed salad served in a coconut bowl, peppercorn steak with roasted veggies and potatoes, fresh fruit, and both traditional Moroccan desserts and French pastries
Bridal Wear
Flamenco style dress designed by the bride, using the fabric from her aunt’s own 70’s wedding gown. Shoes were strappy silver heels with rhinestones up front
Groom's attire
Checkered black & white polyester jacket with oversize bowtie from DSquared, dress shirt with French cuffs, Jean-Paul Gautier tuxedo pants, Costume National footwear and underwear by Sisley
Circular, platinum, single carat ring of a unique Armenian design with rose gold
Five white-iced, chocolate flavored spherical tiers of interchanging baby blue beading and white pearls
Rustic branches with green and white chrysanthemums and iridescent, purple crystals
Save-the-dates were a montage of travel shots created by the groom; invites were of a baby blue font on cream frosted paper. Both were designed to highlight the cruise they met on and their travels around the world together.
Wedding Song
A groom-made mix of ‘Red Red Wine’ by UB40, ‘1-2-3-4’ by Brian McKnight and ‘Cowboy Take Me’ Away by the Dixie Chicks
Unique Element
The at-once intimate, yet glamorous vibe
Memorable Moment
When a groomsman stripped down to Superman skivvies and proceeded to bust a move
Three weeks in Israel, with a lovely but ephemeral stopover in Egypt
Christina's advice
Personalize every little detail
Joel's advice
Men, involve yourselves in the wedding process and don’t let your tux get overshadowed by her dress
Christina and joel right from the start
about the vendors
Wedding Planner
Ceremony location
Dress - Bride
Ephram di Medicci
Designed by the bride & groom
Music - DJ
James Karls
Reception venue
Suit designer
Wedding Ring
Jewels by Maxime