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Posted by Cayla Capri
Cold Feet, Warm Hearts
Cold feet warm hearts cover full
If your stomach is doing the jitterbug during the last dance with all your single ladies, know that this is as natural as it gets and more than exceedingly common among brides-to-be everywhere. If you’re swatting away doubts like bugs at a picnic, don’t start asking around about return policies just yet. For the sake of your sanity, it’s time to reign in those fears, minimize the extra stresses, and get down to the nitty-gritty of some self-reflexive analytical theory. If it’s meant to be, let it be - you’ll be walkin’ the walk down that aisle faster than you can say “I do.”
best-laid plans gone astray
Cold feet warm hearts 1
If you want to locate the source of the knot in your tummy, look no further than an escalated case of party-planning burn-out. As much fun as tending to petals and pearls can be, keep in mind that a girl can run herself ragged if she’s bent on carrying all of the responsibility for the ideal day herself. Consider outsourcing certain duties to other loved ones to lighten the load. If this doesn’t do the trick, ask yourself whether or not the event needs to come down a notch on the pressure-o-meter. At the end of the day, a shortage of swans isn’t going to make or break it.
Expect to feel an onslaught of PMS-like symptoms during the wedding pre-op period. Your body may feel achy and on-edge, you might have trouble eating or sleeping, or lo and behold – a pimple to top it all off! Before you let your moods slip-slide away into short-and-snappy oblivion, take a deep breath and remind yourself how much everyone loves you and is more than ready to lend a helping hand. Delegate tasks, sip a mug of chamomile tea, and bed down for some well deserved shut-eye. Recognize that the emotion you’re going through is derived from the role of wedding-planner, not necessarily bride-to-be.
i, take thee, worry
Cold feet warm hearts 2
The phrase ‘cold feet’ encompasses a wide array of nasty nerve categories – from stage fright, to compatibility anxiety, to self-doubt. Self-doubt avant la ceremony usually has to do with the threat of losing your identity as a spouse. Fret not, for there is a direct and easy-as-pie approach to maneuvering your way through this conflict of interests before worries get such a good thing down.
First off, nab your niftiest 2B pencil and start scribbling. Simply by formulating your fears on paper, you’ll be able to address them much more easily face-on. They will appear surprisingly less daunting in cute curlicue font, while the action of writing itself encourages brainstorming over how to eliminate, or at least assuage insecurities.
put two and two together
Cold feet warm hearts 3
Blue toes might be the result of questioning the entire institution of marriage altogether. You’ve noticed that you’re much less tolerant to his idiosyncrasies as of late, you bristle at the mention of any ex, and sparks in the bedroom have come to a standstill. The key here is to not fly-off-the-handle, but to approach your sweetie in the most non-confrontational way as possible. Call off all the guards in your mind with the help of breathing techniques, and maintain an assertive and relaxed state. If either you or your fiancé feels comfortable enough to confront the other with particular concerns, it should be regarded as flattery and a loving display of trust and understanding.
benefit of the doubt
Cold feet warm hearts 4
With both members in-the-know, a resolution will come around much more swiftly. Veto all wedding jargon by booking a B&B for the weekend or pen an amorous letter reminiscent of love-notes past. You may want to work through your compromises with a couples-counselor or confide in a trusted friend or family member. Together you can help cement the reasons as to why you became engaged in the first place – jot down a few of your happiest memories together, laugh over some of your greatest stories, flip through a photo album or throw a special record on – incorporating what lies at the heart of your undeniable bond is going to help strengthen the relationship as a whole and fire up your confidence just in time to wow each other with your vows.