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Bachelorette Parties
Posted by Cayla Capri
Cottage Ease Bachelorette
Cottage ease bachelorette cover full
Huddled together in a sea of pashminas and paisley quilts, you and your truest-blue besties watch the mystic fog roll off the crystallized glass surface of a tranquil lake, while mossy cobblestone paths and whisk-broom swept terraces, apple pie rolls and hooked penny rugs graciously await you back in the heart of good old cottage country. Move the party on over to the whims-iest vintage-iest breakfast nook you can find, and indulge in a deluge of ultra-goldi-luxe - alongside a few terra cotta dishes of rhubarb custard trifle, decanters of freshly churned cream, and a gabfest to remember.
thimbles and twine
Cottage ease bachelorette 1
The cottage way of life is cluttered and clustered with otherworldly accents of too-cute antiquity - old wire plate wracks, tarnished metal clock faces, flea-market memorial hearts and burlap ruffle pillows that whisper and rustle with an authentic laid-back vibe. Spruce up your woodsy paradise with dew-dipped bouquets of boxwood, foxgloves, woolly thyme, and yellow brier roses.
Cozy-up every corner with raffia bows and pine cones, French soaps and mercantile signs, lace lavender sachets, and black silver bobbins. Tease the air with a douse of cotton linen spray and gauzy organza panels, bowls of button-eyed sugar cubes for playful taste-buds and a round of earthy flannel-clad rock all around – think Neil Young, The Tragically Hip, Indigo Girls, and Veruca Salt.
bandana republic
Cottage ease bachelorette 2
Feel-good comfort meets airy chic thanks to a grassy sunlit ensemble of chambray beach wraps, Jersey promenade robes, cotton organdy dresses, and peony coccinelle pedal-pushers. Flirty camisoles, silk tunics, embossed crochet pull-overs and beaded bazaar shifts are tantalizingly trendy without being uber-forceful, while layered garbs of sleek seersucker and delicate oval lockets embody weekend caj’, alongside French manicured toes twirling and toasting the bride-to-be in T-strap sandals, sleek skimmers, flower-child cork wedges and sexy slingbacks, topped off with a flouncy floral head wrap.
Cottage ease bachelorette 3
Hearty doesn’t have to be arty-less – gourmetize your picnic hampers and quickie-canned goods with a sun-dappled dalliance of lip-smacking deliciousness – try red lobster cheddar bay biscuits or helpings of ricotta nettle gnocchi. Featured fair may include smoked pollack and spinach tart or smoky Welsh rarebit. Round up the gals for a bout of berry-picking and whip up a batch of organified smoothies. Roast corn on the cob around a flickering bonfire, butter dripping down to your buffed elbows and a serious case of marshmallow goo on the loose.
Cottage ease bachelorette 4
As fabulous as your cottage interior may be, a cottage country bachelorette is all about letting vivacious vitamin D sink in while office workspace mandates dissipate into distant memory. Seek out luscious little ice-cream stands nearby, lace up and attempt a fun hilly hike, dance in the rain, paddle a rickety giggle-inducing canoe, lounge around with mags and dimestore novellas, or go stargazing together after a glass of white Zifendale. Decoupage or scrapbook on a garden-enshrouded afghan, scoop up sneaky points in a game of Scrabble or Scattergories, bake mini pizzas, slurp ice box sodas, or channel teeny-boppers of old, thanks to a hard-core match of Capture the Handbag.