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Posted by Cayla Capri
Creature Comforts
Creature comforts cover full
Outdoor weddings bear some pains, most of them shadowed by sun in your hair/ ruddy on your cheeks. You might be woozy with gratitude for all the world has to offer – love, mosquitoes, the sweat on the back of your knee – but think of the guests. Their stupor won’t be so potent, plus less dopamine/ more alcohol based. They’re going to notice the breeze, the rain, the bugs.
This is how you fix that.
general relief
Creature comforts 1
A, no matter the climate extreme (piping; nipping), you’re going to need a plan B. An inside alternative (hotel; resto-bar) is imperative for the reception, even if you’re willing to walk the aisle in stormier weather.
Your outdoor voice, according to first grade profs everywhere, is loud. Because the outdoors are loud. Invest in a sound system plus microphones because no one – not even the whistling wind – is going to mess with your vows.
Finally, when dressing your wedding party, be mom-thoughtful. Bridesmaids deserve breathable fabrics in the summer, cashmere scarves, structured jackets and sexy boots in the winter. Be kind to your ushers in July; let them strip to vests and short-sleeved oxfords. In December, they can man up, though.
cool down
Creature comforts 2
Summer is lousy with buzzing, piquing, sticky peccadilloes. Luckily, when precautions are neatly compiled in a hemp basket, those minor annoyances turn into a good excuse for gratuitous cuteness.
At the ceremony, set a table of Moroccan-style bug lanterns for guests to grab on their way out. It’ll deter blood-suckers and make for a romantically lit pathway to the reception.
For more ideas, think:
program fans
sun block dispensers
bug spray displays
water/lemonade bottles
coolers of pop/beer
ice cream trucks/ snow cone machines
hampers of umbrellas/parasols/light shawls
large electric fans/tents
clever tip
Avoid serving fruits, sweets and dairy - we’re looking at you, mayo.
warm up
Winter weddings are amongst the best looking, what with their white-on-white scheme and general sparkliness. But beauty is a best pal of pain, as demonstrated by tweezing, and your wonderland is no exception.
Alleviate some of that frost bite nipping not-so-cutely at your noses with:
lap blankets
mitts/tuques/scarves in your wedding colors
pre-heatable dining stones
chafing dishes
hearty stews
hot cider/cocoa/toddies
space heaters
on-fire centerpieces like urns, kerosene lamps and pint-sized firestarter bags in ceramic dishes