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Posted by Cayla Capri
Di Carlo Couture Timeless Elegance
Di carlo couture timeless elegance cover full
Di Carlo Couture, from Montreal’s very own Antoinette Di Carlo, is the real deal - old couture with a finger on the pulse of contemporary chic. Each piece is a custom-made creation, thanks to Di Carlo’s unparalleled eye for detail, magical flourishes, and knockout silhouettes. From the exemplary beading and intricate seam detailing, to the equally pristine inside of the dress, Di Carlo’s craftsmanship finesse resonates timelessly throughout the elegant fabric of her gowns.
With a skillful blend of inventiveness, innovation, and high caliber workmanship, Antoinette Di Carlo offers a genuine and evolutionary design service. Each gown is essentially a construction from scratch – stemming from a conversation, fabric choice, or special accent.
Beginning with a one-on-one consultation with each of her clients, Di Carlo sees to a number of in-depth fittings in order to hone in on achieving that exquisite fit. Di Carlo constructs according to body, building collaboratively, while simultaneously feeding in the client’s input. She will accompany a client to her fabric store of choice where they can peruse the bolts of fabulous European imports together. In order to achieve perfect adjustment bliss, Di Carlo suggests bringing in the exact wedding-day undergarments for the initial fitting (Spanx are highly recommended), and for the second fitting, the big-day shoes will most definitely be necessary. Ultimately, this is couture, and the results are quite simply, satisfied happiness.
a tendril touch
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 1
Vintage texture and inexplicable allure – this romantic A-line gown dashed with tendril plumes provides Gatsby sensibility, boasting an overlay with a delicate embroidered spray. A jewel-encrusted fleur insignia waist appliqué catches the eye, a sheer back with a peek-a-boo slit and scalloped lace edging delves into detail, and the length is a stellar one for showing off a fabulous pair of shoes.
satin's little angel
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 2
A strapless satin stunner, impeccably dotted with angelic crystals reveals hints of embroidery, and a delightful tulle crinoline lined with satin piping. Playing with the concept of traditional lengths, this is a smoldering look - a grown up gal’s party dress, both luxuriant and refined.
wonderland on my mind
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 3
Dreamily depicted as “Georghia”, this dress is picture perfect with a touch of Wonderland - an artsy cohesion of lines that follow ruching over strapless beginnings, side-embroidered whispers, and a smooth cinching over the hip. Circular visionary tiers dance with satin edging, while the delicious back – a lace-up corset flourish tucked with a dreamy bow - ends in a layered rippling train.
a tulle for love
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 4
With its cascade of tulle roses, this gown is pure fairy tale. Asymmetrical ruching into a fountainous flurry of dove-soft accents, this is the ultimate dabble in elegance, with a magical figure-hugging fit to boot.
simply tudor for
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 5
A wow-worthy mini, this fun and fancy creation features beaded appliqués, satin sheen, a scalloped lace slip layer, and a tulle full-length fall of overlay with Tudoresque accents. Every inch screams Hepburn classiness, alongside some savvy modern-day twists. Killer pumps are a must.
hashtag cuteness
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 6
This beaded peplum bodice with sweetheart neckline is just too adorable for words. An A-line tulle skirt hints at embroidered appliqués while creamy ivory overtones compliment a fine palette contrast of snow white. A peek-a-boo pick-up tulle-layered train and vintage covered buttons are the icing on the cake.
that laced back look
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 7
Behold this luscious tiered tulle, full-length skirt paired with a hint of reveal and floral appliqué bodice, this dazzling back with sheer lace embroidery offers a flattering diamond frame – dipping and crossing in all the right places. It’s a garden party of flirtatious beauty.
modern times
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 8
An Old Hollywood portrait filled with glitz ‘n’ glam, this metallic lace swirl boasts a diamond-encrusted plunge-line bodice that slips into satin wonderment, bow shoulder appliqué, and a Grecian colonnade silhouette with draped pick-ups.
femme bridal
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 9
Ariana breezily conjures French romance with a sweetheart strapless bodice, asymmetrical ruching, watercolor blends of blush and silver tones, crystal bands, accent rosettes, piping, and a sky high reveal. Draping layers and indulgent trail lengths hint at both mystery and movement.
house of jade
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 10
Mariangela sings of dynasties past, effervescent royalty, and fortune-blessed emerald jade. Exquisite lace, delicate cap sleeves, a flurry of embroidered dragons, a painted back silhouette, plus a pinch of train, makes this a color-bold jewel.
a silver scream
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 11
Sheer shoulder accents, smooth halter outline, and two silvery chiffon trails, this is glinting sequin perfection suggestive of ocean depths and mermaid mystique.
queen from the top
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 12
A headpiece that kisses the forehead is a fashion-forward statement - ballerina filigree provides a Guineverean touch for a classic, star-crossed gown.
antoinette di carlo
Di carlo couture timeless elegance 13
At the heart of Little Italy, nestled between Montreal’s iconic Marché Milano and Caffè Italia, lies business venturer Antoinette Di Carlo, founder and designer of her signature haute couture label, Di Carlo Couture. Drawn to a sewing machine at a young age and hand-stitching by eight, Di Carlo was destined for fashion. Studying at Montreal’s International Academy of Design, Di Carlo immediately moved into the professional scene as a designer, buyer, merchandiser, and illustrator.
Later on, Di Carlo’s Italian roots inspired her to travel to Italy, but she didn’t stop there, voyaging all across Europe, where she found herself truly connecting with the European flair. She would later find herself infusing that timeless glamour feel into her own work. For Di Carlo, creative sensibility is intuitive; inspiration can be found anywhere, in a single detail, for example, a pop of color from the bride’s shoes to-be. By taking the most classic and luxurious fabrics (chiffon, organza, tulle, and Chantilly lace), and adding a personal twist, reinvention becomes an emotive response. Di Carlo continues to derive a refreshing sense of inspiration by whoever is coming through her studio door, striving for nothing but the best in both quality and artistry, while getting the buzz out there about Montreal's best kept fashion secret.