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Posted by Cayla Capri
Dining On Cue
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Call in your bridal party from the hustle and bustle of planning to enjoy a warm, good-natured gathering. Piping hot delectables, icy-cool bevs, and plenty of belly laughs will help everyone kick back and relax after the formal starchiness of aisle-walking. The rehearsal dinner can be whatever you want it to be – a calm, quiet affair or one big group hug at a mom-and-pop joint. Either option will cater to nourishing both the hearts and minds of those closest to you.
special of the day
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The rehearsal dinner is prime time for tying up loose ends, assigning any last-minute duties, or just checking in on overall morale. Try to make the rounds and visit with as many guests as you can. This might include rehashing old college days with the out-of-towners, or assuaging any stage fright your flower girl might be feeling. This kind of thoughtful display is sure to be remembered for years to come.
here’s to the host
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Traditionally, the role of host has been played by parents of the groom. But this doesn’t mean you can’t take matters into your own hands. Make reservations at a family-favorite restaurant, organize an at-home potluck, serve cocktails and appetizers, or meet for drinks and pub fare – anything goes when it comes to chow-time and offering the gift of the gab.
The choice of venue should differ from your reception locale, but the overall atmosphere can be frilly and fancy or laidback and chill. Whatever mood you choose, keep it simple by choosing a spot near to where the ceremony is to be held. If you want the dinner to be an official to-do, then send out engraved invitations and request that everyone RSVP. If the dinner is meant to be more casual, then word of mouth should suffice.
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Water those wallflowers and make sure everyone trades in their shy ways for some down-home fun. Have everyone mix and mingle over board games, bowling, darts, or pool. Organize backyard Olympia with a team event or shuffle on down to a dance floor.
A toast nearing the end of the evening is a great way to thank the whole gang for their love and support. Rehearsal dinner toasts dedicated to the handsome couple have a tendency to favor the witty side – so brush away the blush and just go with the flow.