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Posted by Cayla Capri
Dressed To Kill
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Wanting to stand out on your wedding day is natural, but showcasing your hot posse in numbers that flatter is the best way to dress your friends and keep them too. Pop culture once gave bridesmaid garb a bad rep, clothing single, woe-begotten female leads in prom night taffeta, puffy sleeves and oversized bows circa 1980. Thankfully, Sex and the City breathed the chic back into the sidekick frock, slipping their ladies into flowing yet structured gowns of varying shapes and colors. You too can be as fashionably generous as SJP, dictating styles that will make your unique girlies feel comfortable and come-hither smart.
short and sweet
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For a contemporary look that will complement across the board, go with a vintage-y cocktail dress, adding the accessories of yesteryear (tiny hats, gloves, brooches) for finishing flair. LBDs are a foolproof choice too, as they’ll slim and lengthen girlfriends of all proportions. They’ll also make for a uniformed wardrobe that’s less girl scout, more litter of sex kittens.
You may also want to set your ladies loose through the boutiques, giving them strict yet open guidelines- so no laundry list of don’ts. Simply demand a cocktail dress of say, a blue scheme, or sans prints. This way your curvy bridesmaids can go a-line, your lean ladies can go pencil, and all will feel confident. Your wedding party as a whole will, of course, still remain streamlined, put-together and consistent.
fine prints
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While prints are popular on the catwalk, there’s nary a bridesmaid dress carrying such bold sass. If you’re interested in joining the revolution, furbish your friends in floral, lattice or geometrical patterns. Be kind to your more petite pals, recognizing that big shapes will swallow them whole. If you fear photos will look too busy, too optical illusion, only bestow your maid of honour the audacious honour, and dress the rest in solid, complementary colors.
tried and true
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For a perfectly coordinated look that will likewise display each missus in her best light, go for strapless, a-line dresses in a neutral color, like black, cream, chocolate brown or navy blue.
helter skelter
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Even if you don’t want your maids to look like they’ve just ransacked the tickle trunk, you may consider giving them free, or freer, range. Help them shop, making sure their dresses turn out as classy, formal or loosey-goosey as your vision would ordain. Guide them towards necklines, lengths and styles that will flatter their individual shapes, and colors that enrich their skin tone.
If your bridesmaids are similarly built, varying necklines (one sweetheart, one scoop, one plunging V), accessories, details, or dress lengths will still add some nice minutia to photographs, especially when color and texture stay static.