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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Dry Spell
Dry spell cover full
Even if you can smoke your eyes with the expert ease of a pyromaniac, true beauty remains elusive without a peachy keen canvas. Luckily, if dry skin’s all that stands in the way of a cheek worth nuzzling, you’re just an edible mask away from reversing winter’s clout. A professional peel’s ideal, but when time’s not on your side, and finances more frigid than ever, ginchy canteen concoctions and hot water abstinence are perfectly up to snuff substitutes. Get hydrating now and give ‘blushing’ a run for its money as a gorgeous, dewy bride.
the face of moisture
Dry spell 1
Dry and windy winter weather brings with it lipid-sucking furnaces and general beauty blues. Exfoliate once a week to bury the dead and moisturize daily to cure your skin’s ennui. The cream will work to re-hydrate that thirsty outer layer and protect pores from pesky dirt. You’ll want a daytime moisturizer with SPF and an extra thick night moisturizer (think malted milkshake) as a sleepy time treat.
While you’re being kind to your face, don’t go spoiling a good thing with the duo of the damned that is hot water and bar soap. Courtesy is key, so get gentle with lukewarm water and a glycerin or petrolatum based cleanser. If you must soak your skin to death in a tub, skip the bubbles and go straight for the oils. A glass of wine couldn’t hurt either.
For pampering at its yummiest, whip up some homemade masks, employing the likes of superfood finalists avocado and honey, and their respectively fatty and coarse sidekicks squash, brown sugar and oatmeal. There’s something lovely and girlish about a night of channel surfing in fuzzy slippers, silk robe and buttery face mask. Waking up the next morning with a pre-teen complexion is just a pretty decent perk.
soaked to the skin
Dry spell 2
Now that your mug’s been given the attention of a Grecian goddess, it’s time to take care of everything neck down. On behalf of skin that feels like it’s been spun by a silk worm, soak your hands and feet in warm tea, exfoliate with sugar and create another nutri-mask for results of Persian kitten proportions. A coconut oil lather-up will do for everything in between.
While that old slacker beauty formula - swipe of mascara and dab of gloss - is a good one, it just won’t hold water if the foundation’s high and dry. While a little olive oil is said to create lashes for days, lips are the real buggers you want to buck up. A snoggable kisser’s a beautiful thing, but products aimed towards your pucker have questionable authority. Instead of instigating a life-long quest for a chapstick that works, buy yourself a toothbrush, a jar of Vaseline and go to town on those lips – real gently.