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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Dyeing For A New Look
Dyeing for a new look cover full
Nothing revs up the old ego like a new do. Hair just has so much to say about deep-rooted tenacity, it would be wrong to deprave a waning morale of beautiful color and blinding sheen. And while a six pack of Red Bull and digit-request from the cute check-out guy can do wonders for your spunk-o-meter, a quick ruffle of an up-to-date mane in every single mirror you pass will send it through the roof.
Dyeing for a new look 1
Before getting down to the nitty-gritty of undertones and complementary hues, take a nostalgic detour en route to wicked hair color. Think simplified eighth-grade palette, sans purple streaks, back when blonde, brunette and redhead spoke volumes of identity; back when highlights and lowlights didn’t dare convolute the inherent sweetness of strawberry or broodiness of black. Of course, the trifecta of beauty backbones still relates personality. It’s just that now the projections aren’t so bounded by junior-high stereotypes, thank goodness.
You know you’re a blonde when: You’re warm and approachable by day; flirtatious and sexy by night. You’re bubbly, not silly, and that lovably sunny disposition’s totally infectious.
You know you’re a brunette when: Your wit has the boys reeling and sophistication’s your middle name. Then again, exoticism’s runs a close second, bringing a hint of femme fatale to your sharp as a tack exterior.
You know you’re a redhead when: You’re always getting in trouble for speaking your mind. You draw attention like moth to a flame and thrive in all social situations, garnering gasps and giggles with your infamous sass.
color according to tone
Dyeing for a new look 2
It’s imperative to dress yourself according to temperament, but you still want to reap those “what a beaut!” exclamations of bewilderment, accompanied by just a twinge of jealousy or hint of drool, depending on whose dolling the compliments. Play by the steadfast beauty rules of complimentary colors, and secure some winsome hair.
You know you’ll be a drop-dead blonde if: Your skin tone’s on the lighter side, or warmly tanned, and you’re flashing baby blues, greens, hazels or soft browns.
You know you’ll be an ace brunette if: Your lashes bat for brown peepers and your complexion’s on the darker side of medium.
You know you’ll be a smoking redhead if: Your eyes are pale and dreamy; your skin is fair and peachy, and you’ve got freckles galore.
A most important note: when settling on a shade, “temperature” and undertones are the be all end all. Cooler complexions beg for ash or light blondes, although those with blue undertones should avoid the frosty hues lest they wish to appear hypothermic. Warm complexions dig deep browns, reds, and, provided there’s no sallow undertone nefariously itching to surface, golds.
high maintenance
Dyeing for a new look 3
Once your hair’s hunky-dory, see that it stays that way. Invest in color-enhancing shampoo for daily deposits of tint and a deep conditioner for its damage-reversal properties. Get root touch ups every six or so weeks, scheduling the quintessential revamp the week of your wedding, opting for a well-deserved bonus gloss-over.