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Posted by Cayla Capri
Earn Your Bridal Stripes
Earn your bridal stripes cover full
Stripes bring to mind zebras, candy-canes, fast cars, after-dinner mints, French girls, nautical stuff, Bill Murray, Beetlejuice, Emily the Strange, rainbow toe socks, hot pseudo-nurses, a certain garage rock duo, and those redwhite&blue popsicles that taste like lemonade. Nice work, stripes. You’ve put your mark on pretty much everything worth loving.
the ups and downs of decor
When not of the pin variety, stripes are big-time bold. This means making a wedding out of them would be striking, but kind of needless, possibly dizzying. It’s hard to say no to a retro circus tent, but do stripe the small stuff first.
A little B&W goes a long way with:
a hot-pink bouquet
chic cookie boxes (bottom left corner of inspiration board)
faded invites
ribbon detailing
Punchy colors were never so restrained with:
donut-soap favors
a pink, orange, brown table runner
in-your-face save-the-dates
top of the line looks
Earn your bridal stripes 2
That old adage about horizontal stripes? Forget you ever heard it. Let the bands hug your curves round and round until you look good enough to eat (like a twist lolly).
Think Foxy Bride Walking with:
Vera’s subtle stripery
Matthew Christopher’s out-there glitter
this bride’s prop-tacular engagement shoot outfit, complete with candy apple red petticoat (!)
Givenchy/Zara’s unexpected blazer (is perfect for strapless wonders)

Hair and co. could also use a little fun. But proceed with caution lest you end up with a 'do disaster, or like this:
Go the extra mile with:
surfer highlights (pink-lemonade points for those achieved with sun-in/ lemon juice)
candy stripes gloss
a shipload of nautical accessories
some ‘offbeat’ heels
A stripe on a boy is the coffee-liqueur-ganache on top.
Let one try:
a ring leader-esque vest (the stache isn’t a necessity, but it certainly helps)
a black and white tie / a purple one
striper candies
Earn your bridal stripes 3
With the exception of a pencil skirt, nothing says structured chic like a striped cake.
horizontal green and blue on brown (with a big ol’ flower)

A wedding cake is just not a wedding cake without an insane buffet of candy sitting behind it.
sweet-as-pink treat bags
a canopied sweet bar
a contemporary candy display
zebra cookies with extra padding
Stripes collage
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