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Posted by Cayla Capri
Engage In A Quickie
Engage in a quickie cover full
Planning a wedding in a month (or two) is totally feasible so long as in your mind, low-key intimacy is where it’s at. Your man’s hand, the intertubes and a flexible nature are your most valuable assets, and minutiae’s officially a thing of fifteen-dollar wedding mags. Other than a modest checklist of bare-bones nuptial stuff, all there is to focus on is creating a perfectly imperfect celebration of true stomach-knotting love.
the last-minute venue
Engage in a quickie 1
The civil brand of ceremony is your best bet, because a week’s notice will suffice (not so with churches). The reception is less of a finger snap or red-shoed toe tap, but it can be done.
Options are limited but saccharine sweet:
Hitch in a national park or golf course, then head to a nearby restaurant for good grub, taken-care-of décor, and enough wine to satisfy a pantheon of slutty gods
Tie your knot at home and set up a twinkle-lit potluck party amongst the gardenias, gnomes and lawn chairs
Menus, place settings and catering companies have officially left your ledger.
clever tip
Wherever you book, don’t bother with Saturdays – they’re already full
fly by the seat of your dress
Engage in a quickie 2
Multiple fittings are not an option, so let go of the term ‘dream dress’ and replace it with the more realistic ‘dreamy dress.’ Traditional color and length restrictions need not apply, as the dress should enhance your figure and make you feel pretty - and that’s it. However, if minor alterations are needed, your local seamstress or mum should be able to handle it, no problem.
As for your bridesmaids, give them free reign; at most a color constraint.
As for accessories, don’t give them the time of day until you’ve found your dress. Only then can you go gaga for girl gadgets because a promptly planned wedding requires some strict prioritizing.
fast food
Engage in a quickie 3
If restaurant fare’s too steep and a potluck won’t cut it, you and your most domestic girlfriends are going to have to go it alone. Thankfully, a small guest list, the advent of frozen or d’oeuvres and the ubiquity of ready-cut fruit platters makes this not just possible, but so easy.
Dessert can be whipped up by your gang too (think from-scratch cupcakes with too-much icing, humble pies or even humbler squares), or order a simple cake from a willing bakery (think three tiers or less).
the details
Engage in a quickie 4
‘Scrap ‘em’ is probably a bit harsh. Instead, just don’t sweat them. If they come together organically – like if you find a lace headpiece at a flea market when hunting for cheap and practical cookware – great. Otherwise:
Send out e-vites. Surely those come in toile patterns too?
Ask an acoustically-inclined pal to play you down the aisle
Enlist your i-pod for dance parties
Go all out on the bouquets and flower arrangements – just because you can
Entrust an artistic friend with photo/videographer duties, or give everyone documenting-power with disposables
That girlfriend who was applying cat-eyes and cutting her own bangs by age twelve is now officially your hair and makeup person – tip generously