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Posted by Cayla Capri
Engage Yourselves
Engage yourselves cover full
Those who spend the engagement period indulging in first kiss nostalgia and wedding china anxiety are missing out on a seriously good period of grace. Your hearts are definitely hooked but babies seem light years away, so why not channel all butterflies into giddy bliss? No question, planning a party for two clans, plus posses, plus workplace overflow is no easy feat, yet there’s also no joy in playing the stickler. Fantasy weddings are fine, but yours - ineffable energy, overwhelming warmth, minor imperfections and all – will be the tops. Now to make the most out of an engagement, simply work hard, trust everything to fall into place, and savour all the yummy love and horseplay that goes on in-between.
the party
Engage yourselves 1
When it comes to the kickoff celebration- sky’s the limit. But if organization jitters settled the moment that just-engaged adrenaline wore off, you might try a no muss, no fuss fete. Spend the weekend at a friend’s country cottage and leave it to the BBQ chicken, s’mores and homemade pudding to fill you stomach’s pit. Stuff a duffel bag full of bug spray, summery frocks and board games and a rented van full of your most-wanted guests. A simple toast over hot-cocoa and a first-first dance by bonfire is all you need to feel your lovey-doviest.
If you’re lacking the bumpkin gene, host an anti-swank potluck for minimum hot-stove slavery. Those blessed with patios must exploit the opportunity to deck the deck with twinkle lights, buckets o’ champagne, coolers of brewskies and a mound of grilled fruit-skewers. If you’re feeling slap-happy yet totally casual, you might pop the news over dinner for a chance to bask in the initial selfless, so-happy-for-you glee of loved-ones.
don’t stop dating
Engage yourselves 2
The engagement is no time to neglect your girlfriend duties, despite the planner’s cap you’ve been sporting. Milkshakes, drive-thrus and all 50’s type cuteness should be getting a fresh coat of paint, not a kick to the curb. Tap into your inner Romeo and get wooing, delivering take-out to his office, playing hooky ensemble, printing coupons for backrubs and tacking dirty post-it notes to the coffee maker.
Make sure date-night’s still a weekly routine, even if Doritos and the tube have become nightly staples. Employ a pre-emptive strike on a couple’s rut and sign up for that tango/ cooking/ glass-blowing glass before the ‘I do’s.’ Rent a room at your city’s most precious inn or kitschy motel, order post-coital room service and spend the following day playing tourist, seeking out the goofiest attractions. Fritter away Friday evenings preparing four-course meals together, Sunday afternoons at wine tastings and Tuesday nights cashing in those massage coupons.
engagement photography
Engage yourselves 3
Engage in engagement photography, a hot trend percolating not-quite newlyweds. Serving as a practice run of sorts, the idea is to play. The session should last a couple hours, granting the chance to bond with your photographer and get comfy in the spotlight. Plus, you’ll end up re-connecting with your man, as it won’t be long before the artist’s request to hold hands becomes an appeal to keep it clean. You choose the location and the dress, so the end result is a scrapbook of the most natural candid shots.
Because the day flies by in a joyous flash, wedding keepsakes are certainly beauteous things. But the sweet mini-moments in-between landmark events aren’t so sluggish either, so do capture absolutely everything for the sake of your barren cubicle, your parent’s already overcrowded fridge, and your grandkid’s saccharine curiosity.
wedding-free week
Engage yourselves 4
Take a vacation from all W-day related scrutiny, theorization and anticipation. For one whole week, go easy. Frolic under toasty sheets with your fiancé, read Anne Sexton in a vanilla-scented tub, and treat the folks to a night out – a thank you for the event who shall not be named. And of course, get busy with girlfriends. Whether brunching, boogying or perusing a museum, make sure everyone knows that wedding talk is off limits. Anyone who defies your law owes you a heaping glass of wine and some good ol’ single gal gossip.