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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Eyebrows Face Your Arch Nemesis
Eyebrows face your arch nemesis cover full
If your eyebrows don’t resemble an over-plucked souvenir from an angst-ridden teen-dom, count yourself as one of the lucky ones. Now that you’re a mademoiselle off-the-market and emotionally mature, it’s time to tackle those facial caterpillars once and for all. All you need are a few clever tools, a steady hand, and a patient appreciation for budding visual symmetry.
get orientated
Eyebrows face your arch nemesis 1
The more hair left in place upon your precious mug, the better. The kitten-esque appeal of teensy-weensy strands has long since taken a back-seat to a full-on eye-framing froth of au-natural sexiness. First off, determine where your brow should start. Take a pencil and measure up from the tip of the corner of the inner-eye to the brow bone. Here is where the hair should reveal itself.
Once more, with your handy-dandy pencil, place the end at the tip of the nose and gently angle the top over the pupil of the eye. Meet your eyebrow arch! The arch should finish off at the intersecting point of tip-of-nose and outer eye corner. If you wish to give the illusion of closer-set eyes, let the hair begin just a shade outside from your starting point. If you’ve always desired a wider space-between, start the hair from just a slip inside the original mark. Stay within these guidelines and you can’t go wrong.
no-fuss filler
Eyebrows face your arch nemesis 2
Not enough damsels take advantage of the encapsulated wonders of the brow pencil. This little super-power is a cinch to maneuver – with just a handful of swift, brisk strokes, fill in any gaps with a pencil or wand that best matches the natural color of your brow. Never ever dye your eyebrows (just too risky for your peeps!), and try to fight the temptation to match their color to your latest hair-dye. It will just draw unwanted attention to the aesthetic shift.
hello ciseaux
Eyebrows face your arch nemesis 3
The next too-nifty tool on the docket - the skillfully-crafted eyebrow scissors. After brushing your brows downward (not upward, contrary to popular belief), into their natural shape, ever-so-carefully clip away any stray hairs that are mussing up the overall construct. If you move through this process slow-and-steady, you’ll be able to differentiate between what hairs are treading outside of your desired outline, and what ones have already settled into place.
the art of the tweeze
Eyebrows face your arch nemesis 4
Invest in an upscale pair of tweeze-machines. This will be uber-worth-it in the end. Cheap machinations will cause the hair to break mid-pluck, contributing to in-grown hairs. Try tweezing just after a shower, as the excess steam will soften up the skin for easier removal. You’ll want to pull the targeted skin taut as you pluck. Once the hair’s been lifted, quickly apply pressure to the site of removal with a clean finger.
With your tweezers, get right at the base of the hair and then smoothly pull in the direction of its growth. Move from the arch of the brow to the top, and then finish off with any strays in-between both brows. Always take the time to step back and deliberate – your eagle-eye observation will help you to achieve balance and continuity. Red-alert! Never reach for rubbing alcohol post-hair purge. Feel free to apply a mist of thermal water to any irritated skin, a smear of aloe-based cream, or a dabble of azulene oil. This is sure to soothe any tedious ouchi-ness.