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Health & Beauty
Posted by Cayla Capri
Face Off
Face off cover full
Skintimacy can be rough when your face’s acting up, sprouting pimples, blackheads and wrinkles all over the place. Even when all is clear, neglect leaves skin feeling the blahs: looking lackluster and dull. Your pre-wedding beauty marathon shouldn’t be without a lot of pampering, so treat that ennui with a facial. Your skin will literally brighten up, leaving you looking glowy, youthful and healthy.
what goes down (must clear up)
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The esthetician at your service will start by cleansing your skin, and will go on to study your specific type and needs under the scrutiny a magnifying lamp. Afterwards, a warm vapor exfoliation will take place, and if desired, the mining out of blackheads. This can be painful and potentially damaging to the skin, so be wary and ask lots of questions before taking the dive. Next, you’ll be spoiled with a facial massage, followed by a mask suited to your personal skin type, and finally, some toners and creams. All in all, facials are luxury at its healthiest (and most rosy-cheeked.)
facial diversity
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Your basic facial will look more or less like what’s been described above. While being easier on the wallet than some of its complex counterparts, it can pamper and preen with the best of them. Those with sensitive skin should go for a slight variation, and request hypoallergenic creams for their delicate little mug.
Deep Cleaning
Those with acne can stop suffering through harsh, alcohol-based remedies and condescending infomercials. Acne facials go down like this: first comes the enzyme or glycolic acid exfoliation, followed by a steam, a thorough pore purification, an electric decrustation, and finally, an anti-bacterial mask. These should be applied more frequently than the average facial – about every two weeks until the blemishes have disappeared.
For those with skin damage due to environmental factors, anti-oxidant facials work to fight against pollutants and free radicals with the help of vitamins A and E, as well as beta-carotene.
All facials re-hydrate the skin; therefore all replenish that youthful radiance. But some go that extra mile. Bio-lift facials are amongst the most determined, including a special mask that tones and tightens and tackles unsightly under-eye circles.
Collagen facials don’t take dark circles or wrinkles lightly either, and work to prevent future flaws as well. The process includes, but isn’t exclusive to lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, and a mineral or paraffin mask applied over a freeze dry collagen sheet for extra hydration.
AHA facials make use of creams composed of AHA acids extracted from fruits and flowers. They tighten pores, smooth out wrinkles and improve skin texture. The natural ingredients soothe any unrest, and are especially kind to those with sensitive skin who’d like to avoid chemical healing. All skin types can be treated, as different fruits target different issues.
All that
Telling friends you just got back from being rubbed with 24-carat gold has a nice ring to it, but gold facials are beneficial to more than just your ego. The gold works to remove toxins and waste, making the regeneration of new cells speedier, leaving you with a skin texture to be envied by the pre-pubescent: elastic, smooth, soft and glowing.
There’s a myriad of facials out there, so if your specific needs haven’t been addressed, a you-specific treatment is absolutely worth further research.
when to go in
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If you catch the beauty-bug early on, start getting facials six months before your wedding, keeping up the rejuvenation every four to eight weeks. If you’re going in for a one-stop spa treatment, treat yourself about a week or two before the wedding. Also, first-timers be warned: facials can backfire when meeting with sensitive skin, so opt for a special, hypoallergenic facial if you fit both bills.
home-cooked peels and slumber parties
Face off 4
Here’s a fun activity for you and the girls: revert back to junior high for bachelorette-party ideas, and make home-made face masks to sip margaritas through.
For dry skin, use fatty ingredients like olive oil, avocados, sour cream and egg yolk.
Oily skin can benefit from egg whites.
For a little refreshment, anything acidic will do – as in lemons, berries and limes.
Exfoliate with a mixture of oatmeal, milk and honey. Remember to clean out the blender before whipping up those wicked daiquiris!