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Posted by Cayla Capri
Fiji Coral Relief
Fiji coral relief cover full
Wash up onto the unsullied shores of Fiji, as they poetically guise an inner patchwork of rugged beauty; jagged mountains cloaked in verdancy, waterfalls with true oasis potential, and ruins of volcanic magnitude. The locals accept each weary traveler as one of their own, charming all nine-to-fivers into barefoot, sulu-swathed, sun-drenched well-being. Sincere attentiveness and sociability is their prime tactic, and if pandering doesn’t reside in the Fijian vocabulary, then neither does universal time, commercialism, deadlines, or hang-ups. Take in the sights, sip a daiquiri and learn to view time through the eyes of your friendly neighborhood Fijian: as boundless and bottomless as their frozen drinks.
the romance
Fiji coral relief 1
The land of alabaster sand, tubular surf and syrupy cocktails needs no romantic validation. Fijians ‘bula’ you to loll in a beachfront bure (pronounced boo-ray), suggestive of those authentic, time-honored honeymoon activities. In the afternoon, take a boat trip to a neighboring island, inhabited only by splashy schools of fish and motley plant life. Head home, put your feet up on a bamboo chair, and even if you’re the more grill-savvy, let your husband take care of the oceanisde BBQ dinner.
the scenery
Fiji coral relief 2
Fiji’s a tight cluster of three-hundred and twenty-two islands, making intimacy and warmth a geographical, as well as cultural, virtue. Turquoise lagoons house nature’s prettiest beings, like coral and tropical fish, as well as some more off-color beauties, like sharks, caves and shipwrecks. Wading through the wild, pretend you’re the first ever couple to come across the romanticized scene of volcanic mountains, roaring waterfalls, secluded beaches and rainforests.
the adventure
Fiji coral relief 3
If you’re audacious enough for shark diving and cave expeditions, but sensible enough not to brave them on your own, many Fijian locals are happy to grant your tourist dreams with caution and know-how. If you’re tempted by those famous Frigates Passage waves, ask a willingly self-appointed tour guide to take you to the Beqa Islands. Try your hand at snorkeling; an excellent way to experience the brilliant coral reef. Extremists will feel at peace rafting up the Navua River rapids, embraced by lush rainforests.
the secrets
Fiji coral relief 4
In Fiji, natural and man-made splendor thrives in many forms: from extinct volcanic craters to dazzling Hindu temples. Don’t miss out on the assemblage of twenty volcanic islands known as the Yasawas, paying special attention to the enigmatic Sawa-i-Lau caves off the southern tip. A mythical site in the making, the cave is only accessible via underwater entrance.
the attractions
Fiji coral relief 5
In the heart of the Coral Coast lies the Arts Village, a unique retail community filled with Fijian tradition and culture. Splurge on radiant saris, sulus and novel crafts in the marketplace. Explore ancient temples, and self-inflict an awe-inspired cringe at the spectacular Firewalking Show, taking place most days at 11am.
before you go
What to Expect
Summer: November – April is Fiji’s rainy season, which has the best deals. December – February are the hottest months (low 30's). Snorkeling is the best in the summer.
Winter: May – October is Fiji’s dry season (mid 20's). Surfing, diving and most land activities are best in the winter months.
Dress casual
Fijian dollar (FJD)
The Lingo
English, Fijian, Hindustani
A valid passport
Local Delicacies
Kokoda: seafood marinated in lemon and coconut milk
Vutu: a local variety of nut