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Posted by Cayla Capri
Flash Dance
Flash dance cover full
In the you’ve-been-tagged land of Facebook and avatar profiles, achieving a picture-pose has never been so dire of a matter. Thanks to the infamous abundance of legs-for-days heiresses soaking up snapshots and a certain Tyra deliberating on the country’s next sweep of top models, brides everywhere are ‘smizing’ their way to the ultimate eye-popping photo-op.
have confidence in thee
Flash dance 1
A case of modern confidence is all about feeling good, loving life, and embracing the quirks Mother Nature gave you. If a certain pose or an expression feels great from the inside out, chances are the camera’s going to eat it up.
Inspire a little photogenic courage by:
Practicing in front of a mirror to familiarize yourself with the way your body moves
Think of your and your hubby-to-be’s special song or favorite date night. Secret thoughts like these have a tendency to wear your heart on all the right places – including your smile
Like a virgin not so much – put a little sex back into your bridal boudoir with a seductive 45 degree ‘snarl’ for a pic that’s all camp and more action
body moving
Flash dance 2
Say yes to athleticism and no to stoic stiff pics that mimic a turn-of-the century shutterbug. To help keep the kinetics coming, try a few of the following tips on for size:
No one’s expecting a round of Dancing with the Stars but a little twist turn and lift to your movements will accentuate the dress and free up your breath
Do arch your back slightly if you’re opting for a post-ceremony snap – ratio degree of arch to quantity of bevies consumed
Do allow lips to part slightly if opting for a more studio-esque fashion shot. For a candid free-for-all, go to town – laugh, sing, exclaim, and proclaim your love to the moon and back
saving face
Flash dance 3
Never underestimate the wizardry of a good old fashioned dust of plush or quick slick of a gloss. For a visage that would never dare reveal the hectic runnings-around of wedding planning try:
A sculpting eye shadow quad to accent an elegant brow bone and dewy lid – a pop of illuminator at the inner corner with catch light
A spring peach or eighties-pink blush to zap the life back into aisle-jittered cheeks
A dab of glycerin on the lips for a look that’s not greasy but kissably princess-fresh