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Posted by Cayla Capri
Gifts For The Live In Couple
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Shopping for one can be a little tricky, but picking out a present for two can be a much stickier situation. The goal is to find something that will appeal to even the most schizophrenic of couples, which is why practical items like furniture or domestic appliances are so appealing to the buyer. However, more and more, couples are moving in together before tying the knot. So, what do you get for the husband and wife who already have the toaster and blender, and twelve different china sets? Think of this as a good opportunity to give them something that will bring them together as newlyweds. Below you will find a list of gift ideas for those ranging from “Help! I’m completely lost!” to “I just need a little push in the right direction.”
the acquaintance
Gifts for the live in couple 1
Money - If you’re really not sure what would make the happy couple happier- why no let them decide? Send cash or write a cheque and let them run wild with your simple gesture. You can always ‘warm’ your gift up by sending a personalized card containing your blessings.
Spa Certificate– Another no-brainer, a relaxing day of hot mud, cucumber water and endless pampering will be appreciated by just about anyone. On top of that, the couple will be grateful for the chance to share such a decadent experience with one another. Ditto goes for a restaurant certificate.
Framed Wedding Invitation – Finding an elegant frame for a couple’s wedding invitation is a simple task, but an intimate gesture.
the friend
Gifts for the live in couple 2
Money/Donation to a Charity – Money is a foolproof present no matter who you are, but adding a thoughtful forget-me-not provides your gift with the personal touch the couple deserves from a friend like you. Any sort of trinket you think will remind them of that friendship, cheer them up, or make them laugh for years to come is fitting. Then again, if the couple isn’t really in a need of cash, a donation to a charity you believe reflects their sensibilities would make for an extra generous gift.
Event Ticket – If you know the couple well enough to know where they can be found, (or where they’d like to be found!) on a Saturday night, gift them with an evening out on the town. Whether you purchase tickets to a concert, an opera, a ballet, a sports game or a play, you’ll be giving them a chance to relish in their fun-loving, impassioned newlywed status!
Artwork – Getting the couple a piece of art to suit their home shows that you appreciate the subtleties of their combined personal tastes.
the best friend or relative
Gifts for the live in couple 3
Honeymoon add-ons – Push your loved-ones’ honeymoon over the top and sign them up for scuba lessons, a guided tour, or a romantic boat ride depending on the individual location. You can also upgrade their plane ticket to first class, or their hotel room to the most lavish suite they can’t yet afford. Finally, you may want to put together a homemade honeymoon survival basket complete with guidebooks, a camera, restaurant certificates, and massage oils.
Intimate Activities – Once the honeymoon’s over, help keep their relationship fresh by signing them up for tango classes, glass-blowing lessons or an intramural sports team, depending on what you think they’d enjoy most.
Hobbies – Are the bride and groom movie buffs? Get them a subscription to a DVD rental website. Rock climbers? Upgrade their equipment. Have they got green thumbs? Along with a year-long subscription to a gardening magazine, send an assortment of interesting seeds (berries, exotic flowers, their favourite vegetables etc.)
Choosing a gift for a live-in couple may appear complicated, but as long as you present them with a gift that’s thoughtful, or an experience that’s one-of-a-kind, all three of you are bound to be pleased with the results. Just remember to have fun!